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Ryan’s Toradora roundup

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

I will not pretend prescience and claim that I expected a round-up at Aloe Dreams to free me from the need to do the dirty work… it just happened that way.

Actually, I’m serious. I’ve not done early round-ups in many months, and only do final round-ups for series I like at least somewhat (e.g. Sekirei). It takes too much work.

Bateszi on Toradora

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Seen in yet another season review:

[Torako] lives up to her tsundere reputation from the start and strikes me as infuriatingly rude. It was really frustrating watching Ryūji suffer through her constant volleys of abuse without throwing anything back, and indeed, whether or not you can enjoy Toradora! much at all probably depends on your tolerance of her unchecked abrasiveness. All that said and I must admit that I really enjoyed this first episode. The characters felt authentic and heartfelt, and in such a potentially dramatic series, it’s really important to care about the characters. Obviously, I do, and that’s a good sign, I think.

Frankly, I’m apprehensive about this. Tomo Takino scarred me for life.

Toradora 01

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Spurned on by the enthusiastic endorsement by Jeff Lawson, I gave a quick look to Toradora.

But before we go any further: I hate when they dispose of noses.

With that out of the way, it looks like a competent series.

Unfortunately, I feel like I’m getting jaded and disinterested, looking for excuses to drop rather than continue. The noses, the relationship between the leads, parential abandonment: all seems annoying and irritating. Taiga is not even a tsundere, but a brat. Maybe I watched too much anime recently.

QUICK UPDATE: I completely forgot to mention that Evirus concluded: “[Taiga’s] constant need to have Ryuuji take care of her is tiresome.” You said it, bro. And it was already getting on my nerves within one episode.

Sasa on the Autumn

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

A rather longish list is up on Heterochromia. Sasa is behind on most shows, but for me it’s not a problem. I’ve just finished Toradora 03 yesterday too. I love it when people make an effort to summarize the shows briefly, even when we strongly disagree (e.g. Sasa is into yuri in general).

Michiko to Hatchin: Brazil is one of those countries I really, really want to go to one day. Ironically, it’s the movie Tropa de Elite that initiated my special interest for it. So, even if the story were horrible, I would still watch Michiko to Hatchin just for the setting.

Heh. From what I heard [*], Brazil is not far removed from Russia, and thus is not high on my list of places to visit. Also, here’s a piece of advice: do not go to Manaus.

Toradora!: After the second episode, it’s settled: I really, really like the Palmtop Tiger. And oh how I am rooting for them.

Indeed, the way Toradora subverts the usual paradigm is delightful, and I am glad that I saw beyond the 1st episode bloggers who only talked about tsundere aspects of it. I am somewhat spoiled to know that Ami is going to add a whole new dimension to it as well.

Nodame Cantabile Paris: What can I say, I’m surprised that I actually like this show especially since I dropped the manga around volume 13 and never watched the first season. Puri Gorota est superbe!

So there you have it: an expert opinion of a polyglot! Take that, belly-achers of French inserts. Another thing, I am with those who consider the original season superior to the Paris sequel. But I am quite curious to know what Sasa would think of it.

Macademi WAsshoi! : Another guilty pleasure. It’s this season’s “Getsumen to Heiki Miina” for me, this show that nobody watches besides, well, me. Unlike Miina however, a bunch of people have watched the first episode and disliked it besides, well, me. XD

Umm, have you read Aroduc?

Kannagi: Considering how everybody loves this show, I will definitely give it a second chance. It sounds like it has a good premise and is a 13-episodes-show after all.

Well, about that… I’m still stuck 7 minutes into 02. Same sentiment, pretty much.

There’s lot more where the above come from.

[*] A Dutch colleague of mine spent several years in Brazil, and even got married there. While in Holland and Brazil, he was a proponent of typical leftist doctrine and even ran a website with “a picture of free world”: a global map with all countries except America. Imagine my surprise when they moved to America… and even settled in New Hampshire because Massachussets, where our office is, was (and is) too socialist. I guess Brazil is not really a tropical paradize.

Toradora 02-05

Monday, November 10th, 2008

The unexpected ascent of Toradora is not very easy to explain… After using the cute trick of having uninvolved leads, the remainder was somewhat formulaic. That is, until Ami was trotted on the scene five episodes down. I have no idea where the creators are going to take the show, and that makes it interesting.

The lack of noses continues to irritate me. Also, Minori Kushieda wasted her screentime without producing much development or insight… she remains a rather shallow character, which is a pity.

BTW, it almost looked like the cafe scene in the beginning of 05 took the stock parfait from Nodame. Unfortunately, it remains too small in Toradora, so a direct comparison is difficult: it’s impossible to see the bespoke refraction in the glass. It sure looks like the same design though.

Toradora no seiyuu

Monday, November 10th, 2008

I forgot to mention that Toradora features an all-star cast: Rie Kugimiya as Taiga (not sure what her best role is… of course many know her as Louise of ZnT, but I think her Futaba of Shingu was rather nicely done), Ai Nonaka (Mikan, Shippon), Rie Tanaka (I think she plays the intimidated teacher — a rather minor role, strangely), and Yui Horie (goes as far back as Multi in To Heart). The all-important role of Ami is given to Eri Kitamura, about whom I know exactly nothing, but she seems to do very well. I do not believe for one second that such a constellation could be produced by random auditions. It must be by design, although to what end I cannot tell. I’m not very seiyuu oriented.

P.S. I find it strange that the premier seiyuu blogs, j1m0ne and Hashi-hime, ignored the Toradora’s cast as a whole, with the latter merely observing that Rie Kugimiya gets typecast.

Field guide for Sumire and Ami

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Although Evirus mentioned it off-hand, the problem was quite serious for me: at first glance, Ami and Sumire look exactly the same. All the usual clues, such as the shape of the eye, eyebrows, general hair style, and eye color, look the same. Still, it’s easy to tell them apart if you know where to look.

The most important clue is the “Naru Narusegawa hair line” (sans the antennas): the cutesy rustic roofline which Ami carries and Sumire lacks. Do not focus on minute differences in the hanging bangs, they are too vague. The roofline is easy to recognize quickly.

Note that this clue works well with medium zoom models.

The alternative clue is the eye color versus the hair color. Although it is true that Sumire’s hair color is a darker hue than Ami’s, the difference is only useful when they are together in the frame. Without each other as a reference, it’s impossible to grade the hue. The solution is to use the eye as a reference. Sumire’s eye is similar to her hair:

Ami’s eye is different from her hair:

The backup clue is especially useful when the girls get wet and the hair style changes (e.g. ep.06).

OGT on Toradora

Friday, November 14th, 2008

There’s an editorial up at the other blog with bakuhatsu in the title, which lays down the now conventional vision for Toradora (with spoilers): Ryujii is awesome, Taiga is not annoying, and the two are designed and/or destined to be together. But I just have to ask, where is Ami in this masterful analysis?

Without reading the manga, I expect her to do the Shiho part… It is sad.

BTW, Mike roots for Ami to fall. What a mean man.

UPDATE: OGT adds Ami in the follow-up thus: “Ami is the catalyst for the entire series, or, perhaps, the foil–without her, it’s entirely likely that a good deal of the relationship progress between Taiga and Ryuuji would not have been made, leaving them stuck in limbo [..]”. Like I said, it’s pretty sad.

Toradora 07

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Now that I’ve seen it, I looked through the usual episodic posts on 07 by the three BRW musketeers (Kuro, Aroduc, and Totali), and also Omni and oddly circumspect Hanners. It’s pretty much what you’d expect… Kuro is lazy “blogging smart” and brief, Aroduc works hard on his grumpy jokes, etc.

As for myself, I’m going to get back to Paradym’s subs from 08 onwards. There’s too much slang, and I miss things (e.g. that Minorin saw the truth). In particular, the keyword 貧乳【ひんにゅう】, which Ryuiji used to describe Taiga, was tough to find (only Wordtank and its bundled Green Goddess saved me). Confusingly, “binyuu” is the opposite “hinnyuu”… The only good thing was, they used the word meaning “to call by name without a honorific“: よびすて/”yobisute” (it’s a noun). I heard it before, but forgot and could not find again coming from English side. Anyway, back to subs.

UPDATE: Kurogane replies and clarifies his impression. Glad he’s not upset on the “lazy” label. It was in jest, obviously, considering how I have to batch Toradora into blocks of 3 to 4 episodes or else I have nothing to say at all. BTW, the spatula was another joke I missed (presumably because of raws).

Sixten enters the Toradora bandwagon

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

He had a seat reserved, apparently. I would not say that Sixten gloats, but let’s just say — he quotes his own prediction:

[] it might be Index or it might be Toradora, but I have a feeling that a new J.C.Staff classic will emerge this fall. It’s not as much of a sure thing as when I predicted the success of Potemayo, but I have confidence.

and later:

I totally thought the new classic would be Index, but I was wrong. It’s Toradora. Ironically, at the start of the season people were praising Index for sticking to the source like glue while bashing Toradora for changing stuff. But as it turned out, being faithful to the source actually hurt Index, while Toradora has gone on to rock like a mother. There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Indeed, but there’s a concern here as well. Since the manga is ongoing, the ending is in peril. I won’t call Toradora a “classic” until I see the ending.

Sixten neglects to mention the lack of noses. His own artwork usually features rather minimal noses (Kuu in Haibane only got one pixel), but they are there. And BTW, I wonder if a chibi Ami is on the cards…