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Upotte begins

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Upotte was supposed to be this filthy innuendo vehicle for dirty perverts… but it really is not. It turned out to be a comedy, and honestly I liked its comedic payload more than that of Naruto SD. Funco dealing with puberty gave the haters the excuse to lash out, but it’s entirely up to the viewer whre to focus. For me, Strike Witches (both seasons) were significantly more offensive, if we want to compare this angle. I can see myself following this show in-season, as long as the balance is on the side of the cute and silly. Thanks, Mr. Duck.

Can’t wait for a Russian girl who never washes.

UPDATE: Thomas twittered that “in the extras for vol. 2 of the manga you catch a glimpse of AK74”.

UPDATE: CKS explains things:

I even quite enjoyed a highschool comedy that went much further than Upotte!’s relatively tame innuendo. What I think got to me is the presence of the male teacher and the focus of Funco’s thoughts on him; this gave the jokes and especially Funco’s daydreaming involving him an uncomfortable edge, especially since Funco is in middle school.

The moral panic about pedofilia, whipped up by the unholy trinity of bureaucrats, church, and media, is a terrible thing. Fortunately, Upotte didn’t go into the direction of Kodomo no Jikan, or I too would have to drop it.

Spoiling a little, Funco realizes that having a sudden hot flash with strange fantasies is unexpected, and that something is up. Mind, she does not know enough to identify those as sexual fantasies. So, her first thought was to consult her best friend Ichiroku. You probably can guess how that went. But thereafter, Funco was intelligent enough (and perhaps brave enough) to go to the school nurse. That did not proceed too well either, since we’re in a comedy anime, but still – well done.

Nova on Upotte

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Actually, it was a rant about poorly designed Finnish guns more than anything.

[Jatimatic] was essentially designed to be easy and “accurate” to shoot from the hip and/or single handed. You know, the way pretty much nobody actually shoots these days.

I touched upon it before, but it reminds me about shooting MAC-11. The gun was impossible to control unless I held it securely by the silencer. Fortunately, the silencer on it features a reciprocating baffle design, so it does not get hot. Still, Jatimatic cannot be worse.

UPDATE: MAC-10 is in the show (ep.3):

Upotte dropped

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Lower Mid-Table has has the factual spoilers. I’ll just add that it was even more gruesome than EmperorJ is making it sound.