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Yuyushiki begins

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Yuyushiki is a bit strange and I found it difficult to judge. The “cute girls doing cute things” area is well mined nowadays, but I did not see one like it before. Initial episodes of Lucky Star were somewhat vapid and boring. K-ON offered us the hated “retard moe”. Hidamari Sketch had the wide faces and thematic concerns. And so on. Some failed in a subtler ways, like Sketchbook.

So, when I opened Yuyushiki, I felt a certain trepidation, and for a bit it seemed to confirm my fears. The teacher abuse — how pedestrian. I even jotted down about AIURA: “hope it’s not as bad as Yuyushiki, but 3min?”. I apparently I wasn’t the only one. I only stuck with Yuyushiki because Yui punished the bitches.

The magic started happening around ep.3 and the sleepover, when I suddenly realized that it was as good as Azumanga. Yes, really, and no, I can’t explain. The sensation was fleeting, but it happened.

Another goodness of Yuyushiki would probably swoosh right over my head, if not for the Internet. As it turned out, where AUIRA unloads the visual extravagance in primary color, Yuyushiki is extremely sneaky and takes a keen eye to appreciate. But once I saw it, I could not unsee it anymore. It’s amazing! Perhaps I’m especially amazed because the creators tricked me. It was easy to tell when KyotoAni went artsy in Nichijou e.g. during the hallway chase, but this is different. It seems natural and it is pervasive.

Finally, it should now be obvious that Yui (Ichii) carries the show for me. Considering it point by point, she should be even with another excellent straight woman stereotype, Namiko of GA. But GA had a full cast of stellar characters, and here we basically have just Yui, so she has to shine brighter.

Yuyushiki ends

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Considering myself an independent expert in CGDCT since 2002, so much in fact that I feel comfortable rejecting Hidamari, I am here to proclaim Yuyushiki to be excellent — in its own way. It is not the second coming of Azumanga, because nothing can be. And it does not have the steady, unyielding excellency of GA:GADC. But it recovered from the mediocre start and delivered the happiness.

Plus, it has set the new standard for animation for our times. By myself, I was only able to see the overt, such as the ear color in 09. But the Internet is full of explanations.

Once the story started rolling, it was really the straight-up cute, sometimes ladled up quite thick, as in the scene of the double standards about cold hands. The 4koma edges were somewhat noticeable, but I find it difficult to complain too much about that, because what is the alternative? Only a full-blown story like K-ON.

As far as characters go, the straight-man Yui (Ichii) has to carry most of it, but her friends weren’t too bad. There was also a trick. While searching for the not yet stomped ground, creators often look at making characters eccentric. In Yuyushiki the main trio is somewhat dysfunctional, but just as we start thinking that Yuzu might be perhaps too much of an idiot, we find out that the other trio is really screwed up, and the main characters are paragons of normality by comparison. Then, everyone is happy and refocus on the cute for the remainder.

So, basically, it’s a modern replay of all the tropes. The yandere lesbian pays a favour back with her idol’s boobs, for example (in ep.8). Kaorin, you have changed so much, and yet so little.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Quite possible