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J.P. Meyer and Yaoi Paddles

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

From Minaide, Hizukashii:

What’s the deal with those yaoi paddles, anyway? I saw three different kinds for sale (and they were expensive, too! Like $30 each!): ones that said “UKE”, ones that said “SEME”, and ones that said “HARDCORE SIDE” and “SOFTCORE SIDE”. Do you smack people because they are yaoi-ing it up? Do you smack them so they will yaoi it up?

The answer is, of course, “both”.

J.P. Meyer and ACC’s capacity

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

As seen at Minaide, Hizukashi:

It makes no sense, for example for AX to be worried about “growth” at Anaheim when there was usually multiple other cons using the same amount of space.

Here’s what was actually said, including the interruption:

WANG: … understand that people have issues with Los Angeles, but there are also issues with Anaheim that I don’t think people are aware of. For instance, we have to deal with the issue of growth –

ANSWERMAN: Anaheim is huge. There are routinely 2 or 3 other shows running in the convention center at the same time AX is going on there. I don’t mean to be antagonistic, but you have to understand why people are confused on this issue.

WANG: Well, I believe the arena in Anaheim is being torn down. If we needed to expand into the arena space there, that would be a concern.

I missed this year, and in fact I was at AX back when it merely had 12,000 attendees. At that time, ACC was at capacity. JPmeyer says “2-3 other cons”, but he merely repeats what Answerman said. It’s total bullshit. These 2-3 other shows were in reality one little bible study group, using the round structure on the north side of ACC. One have to wonder, was JPmeyer even there? Even once?

There’s absolutely no question that AX was overflowing ACC. And now we are talking 30,000 to 50,000 people.

That said, I don’t know if LACC is in the ghetto area. It may be a bad choice of venue. I only know that there weren’t enough hotels (because I as unable to get a room a few months in advance). However, what a coincidence! there seem to be a big hotel construction going on next door to LACC.

Danny Choo

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

I heard about Danny Choo several times before, but for some reason could never understand just how his (supposedly famous) site actually worked. It’s just such a horrible mess (very cute though!). This time I think I’m getting it, at least somewhat. It’s a portal. Danny himself said the word.

So, how does one use a portal? Why would you visit it? So far I found that Danny has a blog. It occupies a very small part of the portal’s real estate, but it’s there. Scroll down enough, and look for the second column. Or better yet, just read it at Animenano or something.

At present, he is testing an exploit at Antenna: by future-dating his entries, he made them sticky in the aggregator’s front page.

Sama Zama updated

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Holy cow, Sama Zama updated (I only noticed it now because I moved her into a relaxed schedule folder)!

So, I guess college life doesn’t lend itself to anime reviewing.

Tell this to BigN, who stopped when he finished college. I suspect what really happens is any RL change takes a toll on animeblogging as blogger’s energries have to be marshalled to deal with new challenges.

She also admits that games were damaging. I think I heard this story elsewhere. Shamus, however, seems to be gone forever.

Omo goes to Otakon

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Omo goes to Otakon with an extremely sunny disposition:

As the “straight ahead-Go” generation that we are, I think that anime fans are some of the best types that 21st century geekdom has to offer. In some ways this means that some external forces may take advantage of us more so and we’ll cause problems with our straightforward mannerisms, but on the flip side it also shows some degree of tenacity that the long-time fans possess. In any case, rain or shine, we will be there and entertaining our favorite guests at this anime convention. If you are going, I pray that you too will do it share this enthusiasm at this mutual geeking-out.

This is refreshing, especially if one reads J.P.Meyer too much. Godspeed, Omo, godspeed.

WordPress leaks drafts

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

I discussed this topic with Astro before, because I saw it happening on his site, but I did not have evidence. But today, my feed reader delivered me a draft of Sasa’s long-awaited essay about Iyashikei.

As it turns out, Sasa started on it immediately after she made the announcement: the page number is 497. It is not written completely even now. I won’t spoil it, but it starts with:

Lately on the #animeblogger channel, I have asserted that Iyashikei is not getting enough attention. It was immediately received as lamenting, but actually I suspect that most people simply do not know about the term at all. Therefore, I will try to give a definition […]

The draft also includes an essay by one MrMayat, who I guess is a German animeblogger translated by Sasa for excerpting.

Very interesting reading. Let’s hope she comes through with it and publishes the essay, so I can critique it to bits. Should I put “*hrr*” in here? Or “^_^” would do?

So there we have it, WordPress leaks drafts. I suppose Sasa and Astro are intelligent enough not to do something monumentally stupid, so it must be a bug in the WordPress, about which bloggers better be aware.

Update: MrMayat turned out to be a Sasa’s guestblogger from Singapore.

UPDATE: Sasa finally posted the essay.

Also, in my opinion, the effects of iyashikei are no escapism at all, because you bring the state of mind of the series into your own life.

This is a keen observation (incidentially, deeply buried), although someone might want to pick a fight with the definition of escapism.

As you probably know, I have only watched one episode of Binchou-tan and quickly got bored. However, the healing effects of the series are quite strong: The girls are very cute, their life on the countryside and the backgrounds are very peaceful. If you’ve taken a liking on iyashikei series and like cute little girls, you might give it a try.

This is not what the strength of Binchou-tan is. Firstly, it’s her attunement to the world. Allow me to quote:

Binchou lives in horrible conditions reminiscent of 18-th century rural Japan. But … she has a very un-povertysh outlook. It’s not just that she’s not sitting in her hut smoking crack and waiting for the next government cheque. It’s more than she goes to work every day. I am not quite sure what “it” is, but probably one of the bigger parts of it is that Binchou has no stigma. One of her best friends, Kunugi, is rich and lives in opulence. The two are completely level. Binchou behaves like a functional member of a society, and is fully adjusted.

Adding to that is a set of story arcs which make the whole show less episodic than, say, YKK OVA. So, Binchou-tan’s healing effects are rather inspirational in nature. If we allow Binchou-tan to count as iyashikei, then Naruto is one too. It certainly changed the frame of mind for a few people.

Fine art of trolling

Friday, July 20th, 2007

For some odd reason, I always find something to note about TNK’s bloggage, even though it’s not one of my favourites… It is well known that two most direct ways to engage blog readers are:

  1. Post inflammatory bullshit
  2. Post obvious mistakes

TNK is subtler… Way subtler. It’s more like posting inflammatory opinions and less than obvious mistakes. I have a lot to learn from that man.

The post about seeking mates among anime fans obviously uses the first technique.

The two polls about favourite studios seems to be more of the second technique with a dash of the first. Neither of the polls include my favourte, UFotable. And he wants us to vote for Gonzo? I suspect their only show I have seen was Vandread.

Speaking of Toei, it always associates in my mind with Flying Ghost Ship. For its time (1969) it was rad. Oddly enough, I did not go to see it in theaters; I wasn’t interested in anime back then. I watched it some 30 years later, when I found an old VCR tape in a rental place. It was a pretty good movie.

Time-out notice

Friday, July 20th, 2007

It looks like I’m spending more time blogging (about other people blogging about anime) than watching anime recently, and this whole blogging deal is becomming a real mill. I’m taking a time-out to rethink the concept.

UPDATE: By an odd coincidence, Joel Spolsky posted something that Astro might want to read. Animebloggers asked me to open comments a few times before. To me it only tells that they do not receive enough traffic to see the problems with comments.

Old habits die hard

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

I definitely have more fun away from blogging, marathoning Tenchi (OVA, of course!). Manabi is moving slowly though… As always, I find lots of second meanings and it’s even better than before, but I somehow feel compelled take screenshots and write notes when I’m at computer. I am pondering a region-free player for this application.

Meanwhile Sasa has posted her iyashikei paper, Impz threw together the Short History Of AB(s) (bad, bad Author — ed; But there was no Trotsky in the Short History either.), and TJ produces a perfect quote to rip out of context: “Girls can get away with tonnes of bad shit because of this. Many of them are ok with not having boyfriends while most guys are actively seeking one” (I am not seeking a boyfriend, are you?).

Omo at Otakon

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

It’s important to note that a lot of people who attend Otakon do not go see the AMV features and the Masquerade, the two events that generally locks in the bulk of the con attenders. I think increasingly so this is the case only because the con attending population is refining. It’s not to trash talk AMV or the Masquerade, but both of these events are facing stiffer competition for the time of all the attendees.

I’m one of those people, although in regards to AX. Never went to the Masquerade, and never liked AMVs. I sit through AMVs in the breaks, but to go see them on purpose does not attract me.