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On the wrong coast

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Omo reports from Kotono Mitsuishi’s panel. This is life.

When I started going to anime conventions, I found panels deadly boring and spent all my time in video rooms, making extensive notes. But over time I turned around and came to realize that the key is to hit the 10% of the Sturgeon’s law. I think it happened when I went to Yoko Ishida’s panel at AX.

Also, a panel with Rie Tanaka would be awesome too. A man should dream big.

Is seeing Rie Tanaka worth $100?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

I had no idea Mike of Anime Diet took it so seriously (via: apparently I misplaced my subscription to Anime Diet for some reason… hopefuly not a database corruption in the reader).

UPDATE: Seen in Omo’s comments:

Omo – the only reason Mike got a ticket was because I (Ray at Anime Diet) wanted a Tanaka Rie autograph (I love female seiyuus) and I paid Mike via Western Union (because I really am in Taiwan). Otherwise he’d not gotten the ticket at all. He never thanked me! Ghar.

Also, Jeff answered the title of this post:


Long answer: Because you get more than just a guaranteed autograph ticket. You also get a free con t-shirt, some random junk, a 10% discount on other NYAF merchandise sold by them, and lines cut. Considering the T-shirt is 15+tax by itself, that already cuts the differential down to $30. Even if you don’t take advantage of the other perks, that will save you hours of time. To me it’s a good deal.


Toradora no seiyuu

Monday, November 10th, 2008

I forgot to mention that Toradora features an all-star cast: Rie Kugimiya as Taiga (not sure what her best role is… of course many know her as Louise of ZnT, but I think her Futaba of Shingu was rather nicely done), Ai Nonaka (Mikan, Shippon), Rie Tanaka (I think she plays the intimidated teacher — a rather minor role, strangely), and Yui Horie (goes as far back as Multi in To Heart). The all-important role of Ami is given to Eri Kitamura, about whom I know exactly nothing, but she seems to do very well. I do not believe for one second that such a constellation could be produced by random auditions. It must be by design, although to what end I cannot tell. I’m not very seiyuu oriented.

P.S. I find it strange that the premier seiyuu blogs, j1m0ne and Hashi-hime, ignored the Toradora’s cast as a whole, with the latter merely observing that Rie Kugimiya gets typecast.

Sekirei Sound Stage

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Speaking of seyuu, I came to appreciate Marina Inoue (BTW, “Marina” has a kanji spelling: 麻里奈), because I’m listening to Sekirei Sound Stage 01. The SSS is a so-called “Drama CD”. It reminds me of radio adaptations of my youth: seyuu play out the dialogue, instead of everything being read by a narrator, as in an audiobook. Naturally, the voicework takes on a bigger significance without visuals, and Marina Inoue makes a good account of herself as Squirtle… er, Tsukiumi. Her other role was Yoko in Gurren Lagann.

Curiously, even J.P.Meyer asked if listening to SSS makes sense, since Sekirei is presumably about big breasts. The “even” part comes from this idea being simple enough to pop into minds of juvenile friends of Lolikit[sune]. I expected more from J.P. and, I admit, my first temptation was to ask him to stop thinking with his penis. But then I remembered how much effort SDB spent on evangelizing Divergence Eve. Sekirei is even a tougher case: the creators of anime clearly wanted the fanservice to shine… and then the DVDs came out uncensored. The story is also not very large in its scope, so it’s a little wonder J.P.’s thought process ran in the obvious track.

The story in SSS is different in details from the anime. For example, the whole initial capture arc is bypassed, but then we’re treated to additional scenes: Kuu and Uzume working in the yard, or the cliche of Minato evesdropping on his “wives” (Kuu calls them “あれのつまたち”) when they discuss him.

One thing I rue now is how Japanese are serious about their limited releases. Aside from SSS, Sekirei also had a “normal” Drama CD (which is bit confusing, since I think SSS is a typical Drama CD), but it’s sold out.

Zyl on Aya Hirano

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Hand of Glory:

I’m not a fan of Aya Hirano. While I think she’s talented, I’m just not swept away by her voice acting the way I am by, say, Shizu-sama or Maaya Sakamoto. That said, I have enjoyed her work as Haruhi Suzumiya (megalomania ♥) and Shizu Shidou (Ijimekko~~) but, to date, my Top Favourite Aya Hirano role has to be Konata where she really made the role her own, conveying the chara’s distinctive blend of otaku passion, family/friendship love power and :3

Not that I agree, or even know anything about Aya, just wanted to preserve it.

My own understanding of seyuu is about nil. I fondly remember Mitsuishi Kotono. Rie Tanaka always impressed me with her professionalism and enormous range. She’s still in business, recently playing Lt.Col. Wilcke in Strike Witches. Also, I remember a couple of “one role” seyuu, whom I probably would not recognize again: Marina Inoue as Tsukiumi in Sekirei, and Natsumi Yanase as Chihiro in ef (I understand that Mrs. Inoue is quite well known, just not by me). Currently I keep meaning to look up who plays Sumire in Toradora — it’s another distinctive performance. Aya though? I remember Konata but not Mrs. Hirano.

Busy Rie Kugimiya

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

According to Hashi-hime’s preview, Rie Kugimiya partakes in five productions of Autumn 2009: Fairy Tail, Hidamari x365 OVA and *** (Hoshimitsu), Shana S, an extension of QB, and sequel to Nogizaka. I remember times when Rie Tanaka doing two roles in one season (Chii and Yomi) was remarkable. I wonder if it’s a rat race these days.

UPDATE: Just noticed that Ami Koshimizu is in four series (at least) this season: Umineko, Manimani, Saki (as Nodoka, still running), GA:GADC (as Mizubuchi). When did this shift to multitasking happen?

UPDATE: JPMeyer reminds that Rie Kugimiya is also in FMA Brotherhood. I think it continues into the Autumn.

UPDATE: Sagematt says Umineko continues into the Autumn as well. So, seven roles now?!

Megumi Nakajima and me

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

I pirated the recently published album of Kampfer‘s ED remix, in secret, since I only do it for sampling purposes… It’s not like I’m a fan enough to buy R2s. Oh wait, who am I kidding? Anyhow, a post at Transientem made me leave the closet because of the following pronouncement:

Megumi Nakajima could be the next Maaya Sakamoto.

Surprisingly, I know who Miss Nakajima is: she has beaten every fan’s idol May’n fair and square in Macross Frontier soundtrack, and confused Hinano. But alas, Kampfer ED Single sounded kind of flat to me. It’s suitably perky and poppy, but it has no standalone power that I crave. Oh well, better luck next time.

BTW, her partner in the ED is Marina Inoue, who I also know (mostly because I was surprised to find that “Marina” was a Japanese name). Kampfer has a stong cast overall, but singing without video is a different matter.

Nana Mizuki to Precure

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

When I saw Naka-dashi (meaning “internal ejacalation”) mentioning Pretty Cure, I just had to check. Because, you know… Bj0rn… Precure… does not compute. As it turned out, it’s not by Bj0rn but his co-writer, and it’s an announcement about seiyuu movements, so it’s not even about Precure as such. Also:

*Note: Coincidentally this is the 7th year of precure

Good heavens.

Naoko-chan in space!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Seen at Spaceflight Now:

Joining Poindexter and Dutton aboard Discovery were flight engineer Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Stephanie Wilson, Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki and spacewalkers Richard Mastracchio and Clayton Anderson, veteran of a long-duration stay aboard the station in 2007.

Mrs. Yamazaki has got a chance to fly before the Shuttle program winded down. Honestly, I was concerned that she would remain a notional austronaut without the wings.

UPDATE: Wheels Stopped is called on April 20, Naoko-chan is safely back on the surface.

AX is getting out of hand

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Anime Expo® 2010 Announces Japanese Voice Actresses, YUI HORIE and ERI KITAMURA as Official Guests of Honor

First May’n and Megumi Nakajima, and now this. AX really is pulling out all stops. Although, I see that they failed to bag KugiRie, so their powers are still somewhat limited.

BTW, NIS should really get their act together and translate Toradora Portable.