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TAF, hotel reservation

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

I’m reserving a hotel for my imminent trip to TAF through a quaintest website ever. To begin with, it has messages such as this:

Thank you very much for your inquiry. We estimate as below. Please check and reserve after mature consideration.

No SSL, but then it does not take a credit card either. Nothing prevents a prankster from reserving all rooms in all hotels in the association… Like I said, quaint.

Orbitz suggested me the same Shinagawa Prince where J. Greely stayed for a low price of $164. Looking through the Internet, Ueno should be a superior location.

TAF miscellanea

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Firstly, January is running out, but tickets are not yet available. Why is it that tickets to AX available, although AX is 4 months later? I don’t know if I should become concerned…

TAF own blog:

We went to “New York Anime Festival 2007”.
This festival was held in month of December 7,8, and 9th at NY.
This anime festival is the first time to be held in NY.
This festival mainly focuses on Japanese animation
Therefore a lot of Japanese-anime costume players visited to the festival.
Most of the exhibitors sell animation goods and then many teenagers bought those things.
But, some exhibitors sell not only animation goods but also Japanese traditional things (Kimono, Katana, etc.) for extending Japanese culture.
Moreover, there are many screenings and panels to show and explain Japanese animation.

We are as alien to them as they are to us (although it’s not a symmetric relationship otherwise, because they make anime and we don’t).

Industry Babble:

My current plan is to go to Japan a week before TAF, do our license meeting run on Monday through Wednesday (although I think there’s a national holiday on Monday), go to TAF on Thursday and maybe half-day on Friday, hop on a plane on Friday, arrive in Seattle and spend Friday afternoon through Sunday at Sakura Con, then fly back to Los Angeles on Monday.

Mere mortals like ourselves are only allowed to TAF on Saturday. I, too, noticed that Sakura clashes with TAF, but I reckoned that organizers could not imagine how anyone could want to visit both.

P.S. Dear bloggers: Please provide site feeds. Thanks in advance, your faithful readers.

TAF tickets

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

According to a posting at TAF’s Japanese blog, tickets have become available for purchase. This information is missing from their English blog, and I can see why. None of the services they linked is set up to deal with foreigners; I was even unable to register (for example, foreign telephone numbers are impossible to enter). Most likely, they won’t send my tickets to me.

I am not willing to take a risk of just showing up with cash at Big Sight and trying to buy a ticket at the entrance (from a scalper, perhaps). But I don’t have to: all I need is to ask a friend in Tokyo to buy tickets for me, call upon him (or her) when I’m there, pick up my tickets and give him (or her) a suitable present and feed him (or her) a meal or something. This is what I would do if I travelled to St. Petersburg. There’s only one little problem: I don’t know anyone in Tokyo. Other than that, a perfect plan.

TAF, pilgrimage

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

I was thinking about visiting a recognizable anime place, and with Okinawa being out of the reach for the moment, the next one I remember is Izumigaoka Station.

Unfortunately, it’s fictional. A station by that name exists in the Osaka prefecture, but not in Tokyo. And Ikebukoro is just not the same.

I suppose it’s just going to be Tokyo Tower, which is meh. I’m not that fond of Someday’s Dreamers…

Yurikamome Line Announcements

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I am bending the full power of this fully armed and operational battle station… er… I mean, the full power of the Internet to scout my way across Tokyo. Google Maps, naturally, feature prominently; I was able to find my hotel’s building by matching photos on its website with the satellite images (CIA move over). Also, I watch Youtube videos of various locations I have to cross, mostly trains and train stations.

Among those was a video of Yurikamome Line which has nothing but the soundtrack of announcements, made, as we know, by bona fide seiyū. The wikipedia article contains a convenient list.

If I understand correctly, most of the announcements have to do with exits leading to restrooms. Not only that, but restrooms come in three types: “joshtoire” / 女トイレ for ladys, “danshtoire” / 男トイレ for men, and “daredemotoire” / 誰でもトイレ, which I suppose are unisex. It could be funny to see foreigners select wrong entrance, but since Odaiba is such a touristy area, I expect lots of English signage… unfortunately.

TAF is tomorrow

Friday, March 28th, 2008

I settled in enough to ride the subway and receive our tickets from Mr. Rio Fujita, a collegue from our company’s Tokyo office. I even visited Tonkatsu Tonki, thanks to J. Greely’s instructions. All in all, navigating was remarkably trouble-free so far.

Akihabara was rather meh. It’s interesting how there’s a ton of merch for Maburaho and Mahoromatic, but nothing for Mahoraba. Now I wonder if it’s not licensed because R1 companies consider it a poor seller and avoid it. That would be a great misfortune if true.

It looks that aside from Rio, I’m not meeting anyone. Since my Japanese is not where it would sustain even a halting conversation, I need an English speaker. But the only fluent person I knew moved to Ahisashikawa. And if I run into any animebloggers at TAF, I won’t recognize them.

Unless something comes up unexpectedly, I’m going to spend Monday wandering around aimlessly.

TAF pictures

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Alas, they are not mine. I’m still away from a CF reader, so my collection is locked inside my camera. But Daijobu has them. I’m not in the frame…

The line stretched from the Big Sight all the way beyond Aomi and just across the waterway bridge there, but it only took about an hour on Saturday morning. The TAF blog reported about 51.9 thousand visitors that day. The organizers of TAF made AX and SPJA look pretty bad.

UPDATE: It looked like this:

It’s about 1.5km from this point to the entrance of the Big Sight, and another 800m inside.


Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

So, here goes the sacramental post.

From the top left:

To Heart v.7, already blogged.

Azumanga Recycle. This issue includes the famous left-to-right Tenchi doujin, which I found impossible to find on the net raw. I already see that translation was somewhat rough.

Mahoraba v.1. I think it’s safe to expect this series not to be licensed any time soon. Also, includes the soundtrack CD (score!).

An advertisement postcard for Pale Coccoon. Looks like a remake of Chobits, perhaps, only creepier and nastier. The animation seems to have a decent budget though.

Rocket Girls light novel v.1: 女子学生、リフトオフ! with a random bookmark.

A souvenir: mini-CD (I think Minidisks used to come in that packaging). I have no idea about the contents.

Megumi Hayashibara’s center color.

TAF tote bag.

CDs with ef opening and soundtrack. Clearly the OP is pressed onto a separate CD in an effort to squeeze money out of fans.

The cheapest Gurren-Lagann collectibles on this side of keychains. I suspect them to be phone cards. Hello, Miyako-chan.

Lost in Translation

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Rio blogged our meeting, and I would like to set record straight about one thing:

He knows ‘Marimite’ and ‘Azumanga-daioh’. To my surprise, DVDs of Japanese anime is so expensive that he watches ‘Niko Niko Douga’!

I absolutely did not intend to imply that I watch Nico-Nico, let alone because of DVD prices. I do have an account at Nico-Nico, but my Japanese is not where it allows me to watch raws cold generally. And I am blessed with the local DVDs, which are about 4 to 5 times less expensive than what Japanese have to put up with. So, R1 DVDs are my primary delivery channel, both rental and purchased.

We had our conversation with Rio in English, but later in the hotel I talked anime with the receiption worker. We quickly agreed that Naruto was superior, but Yu-Gi-Oh was “chotto…” and “amari…”. Unlike Rio, he did not know about Azumanga, because his anime knowledge was governed by what his son watched on TV. A chance saved me from the discussion of DVD prices, I imagine how well that would end.

Gurren-Lagann at TAF

Friday, April 18th, 2008

TAF was very noticeably driven by the industry, and the industry only cares about the newest stuff. Sure, there was an NHK booth with en exposition dedicated to NHK’s 35 years in business (they showed a set of short videos there which were quite interesting). But overall, it was all the upcoming stuff everwhere. I don’t remember any materials about Naruto or Bleach there (there must’ve been, but not prominent at all).

Gurren-Lagann was an exception. GAINAX dedicated it huge booth, which must’ve costed them. And it’s for a show which was off the air for months. The booth had a roof, and fans were taking pictures of it like crazy. I took one too, although the significance of the signage was lost on me.

They also trotted out cosplayers (TAF forbids amateur cosplay). It was a success every time they came out, but not as big as when seyuus visited around noon on Saturday. The whole area was mobbed and I became concerned about possibility of trampling. No, seriously. I’ve never been in a situation like that at AX.

So yeah, Gurran-Lagann is popular. But from what I know about it, it’s deserved.

DiGiKerot e-mails:

Weren’t they announcing details on/promoting the forthcoming Gurren Lagann movie at TAF? That’d probably explain why they had such a large area.

Why didn’t I think of that? I didn’t see any promotional materials, but quite possibly it was the reason.