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Marimite in Lucky Star

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

The cameo in Lucky Star obviously helped Marimite to grab the eye time. But the funny part is, what Lucky Star represents is essentially absent from Marimite’s action; it forms the unseen background. Konata becomes a fan of the concept commonly associated with the show, but not the show itself!

Moreover, everyone else is on the same wavelength with her. They know at once what is being signified. Thus a curious inversion of occurs: the action forms a background for things fans actually watch (well, Japanese girls do; I do not mean what old dirty weaboos watch).

In interests of compare and contrast, I think the tea in ep.1 was quite representative of both aestetic of action in Marimite, have a look:

I saw a few contrast triptychs recently (do they have a name?), the best of them was probably this:

What I watched: Spice and Wolf
What I expected: Horo’s boobs
What I got: Alan Greenspan

My only gripe with that is, I would have used Milton Friedman (perhaps the creator wanted to send a message of the government regulation, as seen in the anime). Unfortunately, no link. What I do have a link for, is not quite there, because it cheats with text. Still:

What I watched: Manabi Straight
What I expected: Chubbiest Lolis Ever
What I got: Kaiser, Oberstein,

Marimite is not very easy to do this way (but try it, I’ll link), but here’s a rough pass:

QUICK UPDATE: Mike found spelling errors, but no picture.

UPDATE: J.P. wrote that triptychs are tagged with “what_i_watched_what_i_expected_what_i_got” at Danbooru. There’s no specific name.

UPDATE 2008/12/02: Guncannon pointed out a spelling error in the image. Thanks, fixed now.

Starship Operators and failed triptychs

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

I was quite satisfied with the triptych that I made for Marimite, but alas, it’s difficult to hit the right tone every time.

This may be a bit too obscure. Nanoha is supposed to express my dissatisfaction with the outright magic and implausible combat that is completely railroaded by the creators with Deux Ex Machina as a locomotive. To make it more unfortunate, some may remember that Nanoha made me stop enjoying anime. SOPS was nowhere as bad; I would rather avoid that connotation.

This one is a bit of a lie. Using Nadesico is difficult for technical reasons: when I scanned my screencap collections for this, I realized that I almost never take pictures of mecha and starships, and for Nadesico I have none. What I really expected was Nadesico’s zanniness. The bemused Yuriko helps a little bit, but still it’s not the same. Last Exile‘s bullshit in the end was almost perfect, except that again, there aren’t good visuals.

I wish someone did better with more humour, like this classic:

It’s funny because it’s true, yes. But that’s not all. The decline in quality of direction towards the end of Starship Operators is true too, but to express it visually is a different thing entirely.


Saturday, December 12th, 2009

When Kampfer opened, a few people blogged that it “was like a stupid [version of] Ranma” — a very natural misconception, given what they knew about the premise. But even so I knew we will not see another Ranma again. Anime changed too much. As I wrote in the little teatrise on the topic, back then even the basic concepts such as “harem” and “tsundere” were not well understood by the creators. And no matter how good it becomes, Kampfer will not run for 7 seasons.

One good thing came out of Kampfer‘s success though: I am willing to keep an open mind about an anime adaptataion of “Oto x Maho”.