ACCA ends

April 2nd, 2017 by Author

I found it best to enjoy ACCA by disconnecting from the manifest impossibilities of their world, such as massive government monopolies doing anything right. Mussolini making trains run on time is a myth after all. But then it’s a myth people want to believe in. ACCA is like that too, a creature of fiction into which one indulges. As myths go, this is a pleasant one.

Characters made the anime as usual. The little sister was just enough of a naive airhead, but not too much. The lead was surprisingly kickass, for a guy who only walks around, smoking cigarettes. Villains made sense and did their jobs, mostly. Mauve, Chief, idiot prince, and the supporting cast all the way down to Knot, Warbler, and even Rail — everyone contributed.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Quite possible.

ACCA begins

March 28th, 2017 by Author

Already blew through 5 episodes and so fast that forgot to take screencaps. Yeah, ACCA turned out to be everything that I wanted it to be. It’s imaginative and different. There were series where various factions maneuvered, but not at this level, at least recently — I have to reach back to Manabi Straight and Legend of Galactic Heroes to a reference.

Not everything is top notch, of course. The cigarette thing is overwrought, IMHO. Regions are much too cartoony in their characteristics. In particular, the isolated district is bogus, although possibly less so for someone who internalized the pre-Meiji Japan. Even North Korea has cellphone service nowadays. But I don’t have any beef with the main idea and its execution.


March 21st, 2017 by Author

Недавно я в очередной раз пересмотрел Широбако [1]. Это феноменальный сериал, один из лучших среди сотен, которые я видел за мои 50 лет (начиная со Спид Ресера 1967-го лохматого года). А ведь сначала я к нему отнёсся с подозрением. Дело в том, что сюжет основан на жизни в мультипликационной студии, а это явный намёк на интеллектуальное банкротство. Но оказалось, что широкий охват и крепкая режиссура легко превзошли ограничения сюжета. Там даже есть убойный эпизод для старых программистов.

Впрочем любому офисному планктону будет полезно, да и весело, даже менеджерам по продажам. Конечно, на ведущих ролях в Широбако – анимешные тян с гигантскими глазами, но что поделаешь. Без этого нельзя. Впрочем они неплохо реализовались как герои.

В США Широбако подвергся определённой критике из-за некоторой фантазийности и положительной концовки. Никто не то, что не покончил жизнь самоубийством, но даже не попал под машину. Так не бывает, говорили циники. Но на мой взгляд они тут не поняли главного. В России об этом есть поговорка: “Сказка ложь, да в ней намёк — добрым молодцам урок” (я знаю, откуда эта цитата, но сейчас не об этом). По-моему, она вполне здесь пременима и оправдывает некоторые удобные ходы сценария.

[1] Зачастую встречается как “Сиробако”, “Белая коробочка”, “Белый ящик”, и пр. Официального или общепринятого названия нет.

Fuuka begins

March 5th, 2017 by Author

Another one of these wonderful but teeth-clench anime: very little sets me on edge as well as a little pushy bitch like Fuuka (see also SoraMami for more terrible and Haruhi for more famous examples).

In addition, watching Tama-chan is so unbearably sad, since she seems so fine and yet she’s destined to lose in the anime that not only straight-up belongs to her eponymous antagonist, but also follows upon Suzuka, with massive references.

Finally, thematic concerns are massive.

Not a smooth sailing, but nothing is, this season.

UPDATE 2017/03/06: Aaaaand, a suspension after 05. Good grief, what a debacle.


On second thought, that tag gives a hope to Fuuka falling off a tall building in the later chapters. But knowing how it usually works, it’s going to be Tama-chan who keels over, if anyone.

Masamune-kun begins

March 5th, 2017 by Author

This is teetering on the edge of suspension right off the bat. The dude has some muscle, but no brains at all: nil self-control and zero maturity. Aki’s eating disorder is very bogus, the abusive persona is way over the top. Yoshino’s motivations for betraying her master are not revealed yet, but she’s not endearing. Probably scheming.

The setup and characters are terrible, but I’m loth to drop this for some reason. Maybe curious to see how things turn out for this crew of idiots.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni anime

March 1st, 2017 by Author

Wow-wow-wow. They are adapting every manga. Can Hakumei & Mikocchi be far behind?

Kemono Friends 01

February 24th, 2017 by Author

This was mentioned to me as a series to watch by a Japanese colleague acclaimed for his technical capability. What can I say… It’s furries in 3D.

The “3D” in Kemono Friends is interesting enough. It’s not a straight-up 3D where you create a model with physics and kinematics and drop it into Blender. It’s not like Shrek. Instead, it’s sort of a 3D, but mapped onto screen with anime-specific changes, such as added confining lines. The model itself makes anime concessions too. For example, the mouth is always on the side.

In part, the 3D is noticeable because production quality is rather poor. The aforementioned confining lines are inconsistent. Water is made to splash off-screen. And so on. If it were a big-budget no-excuses 3D, it could be easier to accept.

The less said about the remainder of production, the better. Okay, it’s a BAMF. With little girls, of course, because duh anime. The only character other than protagonist in ep.1 is dumb like a sack of bricks — presumably because she’s an animal. Well, a furry, really.

Overall, terrible. But possibly cannot-look-away terrible.

P.S. You know, if little furry girl anime like this becomes a genre, like the idol anime, I predict that we’ll see a grizzly twist anime, possibly directed by Yukihiro Miyamoto, based on Island of Dr. Moreau. I give it 2 years.

UPDATE: Omo is trying to stay open-minded. A great deal of existential questioning can be done with junk animation, etc.

UPDATE: Evirus used simpler words. According to him, the series has "the right amount of care in the storytelling, setting, and characters to hold the viewer’s interest as the tales unfold" despite "crudely animated 3DCG". Therefore,

Kemono Friends is captivating as a road trip story with canned adventures which I’m sure will culminate in a grand set of lessons learned along the way. It’s successful enough at it that I don’t care about the 3DCG aspects at all.

I can sympathise with him, but the grand adventure was much too simple thus far.

Omo, by the way, reposited and tried his hardest to be concise, after all.

There is a category of literature in which the concept of finding yourself is the central gist. I think of Kemono Friends as a Greek epic, in which this post-apocalyptic society builds around the person who asks, “who am I”?

Thanks for the focus, Captain Obvious. The genre was defined when Bag-chan found that she didn’t even remember own name. It’s the dumbed down approach that raises my shackles about Kemono Friends, not its timeless messages.

UPDATE: "A very special message from Ozaki Yuka, the voice of Serval in Kemono Friends".

braverade of Rabujoi on everyone constantly eating in ACCA

February 23rd, 2017 by Author



February 22nd, 2017 by Author

According to ANN, Daisuki is trying to add social elements:

Forget the hassle of having to bounce between anime streaming pages and the forums — now you enjoy anime and congregate in one place!

I suppose the gratification is delayed when you e-mail to Author or post on your own blog.

Tzurezure Children anime is coming

February 21st, 2017 by Author

See that green dot? One my of most favourite mangas is being adapted to an anime.