New Game S2 is announced

February 14th, 2017 by Author

From the least necessary sequels department: New Game is getting a new season.

Demi-chan begins

February 12th, 2017 by Author

Okay, a quick opener here.

1. Everyone go read Evirus. (spoilers: “To me, it is openly racist to presume dullahans are presumptively inadequate or compromised compared to humans.”

2. That said, I think a dullahan is a poorly thought-out concept that requires too much magic to function – Macchi breaths and eats by exactly what means?

3. Sakie-chan is BEST GIRL. Hikari is the harem lead.

4. I’ve read the manga and I really didn’t like the detectives. I’ll do my best not to drop the anime when they inevitably appear.

Gabriel Dropout is dropped

February 12th, 2017 by Author

The biggest problem with Gabriel Dropout is how unfunny it is. The skits are impossibly long for very meager payoff, if any. This became painfully apparent back in the segment of ep.2, where a classmate overhears Gabriel and Vignette discussing their angel and demon things, lacks the context, and misunderstands them. It dragged endlessly, beating the joke to death. I decided to give the anime a chance and watched ep.3, where the director has done the same exact thing! But not only that. The (insufferably overlong) cafe segment has set up a joke for the 2nd part where Satania’s physical lack of taste came into play. I’m sure someone thought that he was very clever when he came up with that, but in actual fact it was a pathetically weak play. You need 10 of the same within an episode to make a comedy work. Look at Nichijou for a template. The direction was so weak that I even checked if Yamakan was at the helm, taking revenge for the choco cornet. But no, it was a veteran director Masahiko Ohta phoning it in.

Production values were quite decent, but that was not enough. And 3 out of 4 main characters are hideous jerks. In Lucky Star we survived Yamakan’s direction because the girls were cute and did cute things. Here though… Vigne’s hopeless struggle is painful, not heartwarming.

Welcome Dullahan Club

February 1st, 2017 by Author

This time we discover a new anime blog without help from Evirus, and I have high hopes.

While many people despise 2016, it was a marvelous year for Anime. This year alone we got not one but four trapped in another world shows.

Although the author trolls hard and Ani-nouto do not entirely agree with the editorial direction (IS was great), at least people still blog, even in the age of GNUsocial. Once the trolling was out of the system, the selection of top-3 for 2016 left little to quarrel with (spoiler: 91 Days, Luluco, ReLIFE). Insert the quote from Palpatine at the end of ep.1.

Eromanga-sensei PV1

February 1st, 2017 by Author

The PV1 is out and available at Nico-nico. Technically it’s also on YouTube, but some idiot region-locked it to Japan.

The animation is done by A-1, and it does look exactly like OreImo redux, as it should.

Miao pans Seiren

January 29th, 2017 by Author

In the Thin Slicing post:

[…] Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities between [Amagami and Seiren] ended. One, Seiren has some god awful character designs and animation. The heroines all share similar faces and body types, so it is very difficult to tell them apart. The poor animation and lack of detail contribute to to this issue. […]

Two, none of the characters of Seiren are as interesting as the Amagami cast. They are all bland, background characters forced to play leading roles. Three, the plots are excruciatingly bad. One focus of the first heroine is that the guy thinks she is dating an older man just because she was alone with an older man at her place of work. That is some mental gymnastics going on there. […]

If what he says here is grounded in fact, it is quite damning.

UPDATE: Evirus is not happy either (even awards it a “Worse Than Cosprayers” tag), but neglects to exaplain why, except the stock complaint about every lead except Cobra:

Seiren manages to be a fairly serious disappointment even though I never had high expectations for it. Its Amagami SS predecessor also had numerous flaws, but I don’t remember them being so irritating. […] Seiren, on the other hand, manages to give its male lead all the traditionally detestable characteristics stereotypically associated with Potato-kun. It’s actually too aggravating to go into detail again, given I’ve already vented about him via IRC and the Twitter.

Twitter killed animeblogging.

Scum’s Wish at Amazon

January 22nd, 2017 by Author

If Tappan is to be believed, Kuzu no Honkai seems like possibly an interesting school romance anime. Also, "By the standards of anime TV the sexual content is rather graphic." The problem is, it’s on Amazon, and I hate that platform so much. Never works right for me, and I gave them another honest try again recently because of Grand Tour. Even Daisuki is better, and Crunchyroll has pretty much worked bugs out. I’ll have to pass, although it could be a stream for someone who’s friendly with Amazon.

Staff writer of Rabujoi pans Granblue

January 21st, 2017 by Author

Somewhat unexpectedly:

The Verdict: Fantasy tropes aside, GranBlue‘s structure is terrible. Scenes are interminably long, often featuring characters standing around expositioning content we know or are smart enough to infer.

Hopefuly it’s just the Curse of the Gifted or he’s a massive autist. But he may be right. Except that, from what I can tell based on whatever factual content he provides, the ep.1 faithfully adapts the tutorial from the game. I played through it before losing interest by the 1st save point.

Isshyukan Friends

January 19th, 2017 by Author

For about 8 of 12 episodes, I thought I’d write about how cute the female lead was, the dude’s funny denial, how side characters had their roles, and so on. But the finale crossed all of it. It very much seemed like an anime-only end over an ongoing manga. So, I decided to read the manga and find out how the story is resolved. Imagine my surprise when I found that the manga is complete and the anime adapts everything. It’s just that I did not understand what was going on!

Part of the problem is no doubt my intellectual capacity being too low for One Week Friends, but they also compressed about half of the manga size into just 3 episodes. That was a dick move, frankly.

Liked: Mostly
Rewatch: No

Speaking about miscomprehension, check out Schneider at Tsurusekai:

In One Week Friends, Hase admits that he is attracted to Fujimiya, but friendship is his goal.

That the dude’s massive official denials are worth an empty eggshell, is obvious even in the anime. Manga is even more explicit.

Tappan takes a practical tack:

I originally thought that Kaori’s recurrent amnesia was absurdly unrealistic but I’ve changed my mind. The story gives us plenty of reasons to suspect that she is suffering from what used to be called “hysterical” amnesia.

P.S. One other thing I meant to ramble about before the finale was the figure of the capable friend, which is a massive recurrent theme in anime romcom. In a break with the tradition though, the friend wins a girl here; or it’s more like he’s saddled with one. Toradora is the only other one that comes to mind that plays with it (see the big shock photo in ep.20).

Hakui on MahoIku

January 14th, 2017 by Author

Let me preface this with a massive spoiler warning. But! Cannot even trim anything from this GNUsocial post:

finished mahoiku, it was a huge mess

as i noticed a while back the moment someone’s backstory starts to show they’re flagged for the next candidate

instead of creating more impact when it comes, it just signals “oh hey don’t bother, they’re going to die next”

marisa was the only character i cared about because she actually had screentime and did things outside of fighting

i’m pretty sure i’ve seen better handled “everyone dies” series

I knew about the “murder-rama” nature of the series thnks to Evirus, but this is just perfect.