TDP path 4

= Play 4 (Ami True End – 90 pts; Ami Good End – 100 pts) =

by Pete Zaitcev

To receive a good or true end with Ami, you still have to keep up the recall, so you have to obtain the recall-trigger items such as the star. Some of the mood dialogs vary with the path taken through them.

The 100 pts end is reached by playing to 90 pts, then restarting. The “Bakachi” DVD will be in the inventory upon the restart.


憎む – hate, detest

カツオ節 – dried bonito (katsuobushi)

ほとんど – almost, nearly; little, hardly

記憶 – a recollection


DAY 12/28

Game opens in the hospital

talk Taiga


DAY 12/30

 * clean 3/3 spots/swipes

   ++ Left, floor – found nothing

   ++ Middle (inko’s cage?) — Ryuuji remembers Inko’s name

   ++ Right, TV ふえふえワカメ

 * dialog choice: go out / go to kitchen

   ~~ go out (bad idea — because bypasses kitchen)

   ++ go to kitchen to clean

 * clean 3/2 spots/swipes

  ~~ Left Microwave – nothing

  ++ Middle Cupboard – pan

  ++ Right Sink — cup

go outside

 examine Sakura and Kouta

 * clean 3/1 (used to be 3/2)

   ~~ left empty can  (take this if 3/2)

   ++ middle -> 5% ticket

   ~~ right – PET bottle

 talk Yuri

 talk Haruta + Noto

 * clean (riverbank) 3/1

   ~~ Left

   ~~ Middle – bottle

   ++ right – empty bento

running into Kitamura

 * dialog choice: pool cleaning / seitokai / 撮影会

 ~~ Pool – worst selection

 ++ Seitokai (– best recall later)

 ~~ 撮影会 (= photography meeting – leads to helping clean council room? Sakura+Kouta again)

talk Ami

  talking to Taiga, taiga pulls us away to Jonny’s, we meet Minorin

 * このまま残 / いっしょに店を出す
 ~~ このまま残 – don’t do it, you need Taiga’s explanations
 ++ いっしょに店を出す  (main recall path – Minorin, Ami)

talk Taiga, receive cookie — needed for good Taiga ending, in planetarium

 * mood dialog Inko

Avoid both v.good (pink) and bad spots; should stay for 5 rounds



 – 見つめる V.good Bad
 – Inko V.good
 – 俺 good
– 泰子 good
– 大河    エス good good Bad
 – Kushieda good Bad good

receive a nut


DAY 12/31

 * dalog choice: common room clean / elsewhere

 ++ common room clean (will go to own room later)

 * clean 3/1

 ~~ L – empty can

 ++ M – Taiga milk

 ~~ R – nothing

going to own room clean

 * clean 5/3  left (chair), book, trash can, book, wall (3 swabs)

 ++ Chair – receipt (need for recall later)

 ++ Lower books — strawberry milk, Taiga’s favourite food (only this milk is good, not previous one)

 ~~ Trash can — empty

 ++ Upper books — test notes (big bro mentioned – brought up on Sumire path but declined)

 ~~ Wall – old test   <——- actually select this, bro’s notes not used

out: Kitamura, Yuri, 1.Haruta, 2.Minorin

talk Haruta, receive Taiga poster (school production)

* clean 3/1

 ++ Bikini (critical selection for Ami)

 ~~ Porn Mag (this is a mistake, because Bikini is critical)

 ~~ nothing

ignore Yuri

talk Minorin

 * dial choice

 ++ Stop her

 ~~ Bye — leads to clean, find Planetarium brochure

 * mood dialog Minorin

 – 見つめる

 – 櫛枝  :good

 – 行く  :V.good

 – 冬休  :good

 – バイトV.good,good

 – 大河  :?,good

 see picture, receive picture (immediate recall fails, later when flipping album)

talk Kitamura (blonde!)

* dial choice

 ~~ なにか

 ~~ ワカメの – remember half-naked Kitamura, partial recall

 ++ 立…のポスターが – good recall, receive glasses from Kitamura (never used?)

talk Noto, receive notebook w/script (critical Ami item)

talk Taiga, get to her appartment

* dialog choice: – other room, + clean here

 * clean 3/1

 ++ L – Ami mag (critical for Ami later – dialog item, although on Planetarium path only)

 ~~ M – empty bottle

 ~~ R – chopsticks (not really needed even for Minorin’s bento)

 * clean 3/1 powder room

 ~~ L . . . unknown

 ~~ M – green ball of… rot? Do not select, the breast pad is needed later.

 ++ R – faux breast pad

back to main room

* dialog choice

 ~~ no clean

 ++ clean

* clean 3/1

 ++ L (pillows): DVD — Taiga gifts it to you; needed for Minorin

 ~~ M: tag from a dress – ok choice too, maybe

 ~~ R: nothing

talk Yasuko
* dialog choice
 ++ talk

* mood dialog Yasuko

見つめる good V.good
泰子 化 – Bad  みらの – good 飲みすぎ – ?
俺          good               good Bad
大河 ほっとけない – ? どうして – good 小さいけど – ?
仕事 V.good            bad good
インコ V.good       話し – good もう少し – good

  receive golden tooth — seems only needed on Planetarium path

talk Ami

* dial choice — in old play the lower two choices were 2. magazine, 3. breast pad,

  now it changed to 2. magazine (same apparently), 3. script notebook from Noto

  ~~ nothing

  ~~ 仕事 – goes into Ami taking you up to Jonny’s, AI seems noncommittal (mag)

  ++ プロレスショー (Pro Wrestling) (script – from Noto)

AI approves with a thumb-up

* clean 3/1

 ++ L: Photo Camera (stalker recall, possibly suboptimal)

 ~~ M: nothing

 ~~ R: Broken umbrella

talk Taiga (auto – forced after Ami)

* choice

 ~~ nothing

 ~~ question about pad (Taiga gets angry and departs.)

 ++ Milk ————> End at the New Year festival with Taiga

out to Temple (auto)

* mood dialog Taiga — pay attention, she is difficult

 – 見つめる

 – 大河v.g,v.g,b

 – 行くv.g,v.b,v.b

 – クラスメイトv.b,v.b,v.b

 – インコG,b,G

 – 食べ物G,G,b

 carry Taiga – check item: must see the CG of her on Ryuuji’s back

* mood dialog Inko

– 見つめる: ?, ?, bad eye – v.bad

– 北村  :?,       会長 – ok,   友人(ゆうじん) – bad

– New Year :  V.good,  bad, bad

– 大河  :?,      bad,        ?

– Clean :?,         ?,       v.bad

– 川島  :ok,    女 bad,   こそつ bad

 should get nut


DAY 1/1

go out – Kitamura; Noto; Haruta

Apparently, no difference whom to select, but Kitamura gives you pants

talk Kitamura, receive Santa Claus’ pants/shorts (but the recall fails)

  Noto, Haruta join in

Temple — Note: not the one with Taiga

ignore Yuri (don’t want to cycle back to temple)

go to Starbucks, talk others – this brings Taiga + Minorin (no Ami)

 (the alternative switches to Planetarium here)

out Minori, Taiga, Yasuko

talk Minori

talk Taiga — AI gives bad end indication, why?

* dialog choice

 ++ make Inko “dere”

 ~~ 放置 (ほうち) – leave alone

* mood dialog Inko

– 見つめる

– Inko          bad,         ok,          ?

– エス     v.good,         ?,          ?

– カゴ       bad,         ok,      bad

– 夢        v.good,          ?,         ?

– 大河       good,       bad,        ?

 receive a nut

 No N.Y. dream with puppies or other

AI shows a fall at the end?! But game does not end. Maybe Taiga’s end fails.


DAY 1/2

hit w/mop — check item and CG

out (shopping to Kanouya)

talk Kitamura
talk Kouta
talk Taiga+Minori (auto)

Inko escapes

* dialog choice

 ~~ とにもかく

 ++ 櫛枝 — select as next best (will loop back fortunately)

 ~~ Tori+don <—– Unavailable!

* dialog choice (same)

 ~~ とにもかく

 ~~ 櫛枝

 ++ Tori+don

recall, renew vows (or do you?)

out (troop of 3): Ami

talk Ami

talk Haruta, Noto (need move left to avoid auto-lock, IIRC)

* mood dialog Inko

– 見つめる

– 櫛枝G,b,b

– 鳥v.b,v.b

– 恋G,v.gG

– 川嶋G,v.b,b

– らくv.g,v.g,b

 receive nut


DAY 1/3

talk Yasuko, no panties on this path

talk Taiga + Minorin

out:  Ami, Kitamura, Yuri

talk Ami (needed for Ami path)

  Friends, Kitamura, Mayoko

talk Kitamura, see the fanservice

* dialog choice

 ~~ 3階 (Minori)

 ~~ 4階 (Taiga – but not Taiga path anyway, so don’t go there)

 ++ 5階 (Ami)

* choice talk/no talk (no talk throws directly to day’s dismissal w/Kitamura)

* mood dialog Ami – Very difficult and path-dependent

 – 見つけるv.bad (changes to good if #5 in sequence), bad, v.good

 – 水着v.g 3,bad,bad

 – 芸能good,good 2,(not available on 90)

 – ズポーツgood,bad,V.good 1

 – 体good 4,v.badbad

 – 食べ物good 5,v.badv.bad

 On 90-pass, immediately throws to friends (Kihara & Nana)

 On 100-pass, end with previously not available question, discuss the Bakachi DVD. After the end of dialog, Ami asks the DVD. Later, she visits you at home and you give DVD to her.

* mood Inko

 – 見つける

 – 大河G 1badbad

 – 櫛枝v.g 5badbad

 – クラスメイトG 2v.bbad

 – 先生 3

 – ?v.g

 receive a firework stick – not used for anything later, maybe needed for Minori


DAY 1/4

 found the photo of 文化祭

talk Taiga (auto)

* choice walk/clean

* clean 3/1

 – L (fridge) – nothing,      – M (stove) – empty can,      + R(rack) – bento box

still, when we need a bento for recall later, it’s unavailable and somewhat different color

out: Kouta, Taiga

talk Kouta, receive THE STAR

talk Taiga

out: Haruta, Kitamura, Ami – pre-gathering selection, apparently does nothing?

       if go right (school scene), auto-hit Kitamura and receive bento validation for Minori

       Do not do it on the 2nd 100-pass, you need talk Ami. Go left!

talk Ami – on 90-pass, nothing interesting, she’s just cold; on 100-pass she gives “Ami” DVD (pink).

talk Kitamura (auto)

* choice

 ~~ Lame end, guy threesome

 ~~ Bento —- validated by Kitamura just now, selects Minorin

 ++ Bikini —– this will select Ami

talk Ami, etc.

* choice: always select THE STAR. Bro’s notes will loop back to the star.


DAY 1/6 – on 1st pass – moping in your room; on 2nd pass – you watch DVD and see the dream.


DAY 1/7

talk to some auto people, Haruta

talk Ami

* dialog choice

 – nothing

 + camera

 + DVD ——— unselectable on the first pass, select on the second pass.

(only 90-point below, 100-point has no more choices or other forks)

out, mostly auto; talk Ami

* dialog choice

 ++ Make talk

 ~~ 今が

* mood dialog Ami – really desperate for a result, and heavily path-dependent (text changes)

 – 見

 – 川嶋GbadV.b

 – 大河V.bV.bV.b

 – ?V.gV.bV.b

 – クラGGV.b

 – 学校V.gbadV.b

Don’t do 5-passes. If this leads to “そろそろ行く”, it’s wrong.

Using 3-path:

川嶋  A;   クラスメイト A;   クラスメイト B

This leads to: “たのみがある” by Ryuuji

 (wtf she still lies)

receive DVD