1. The 3rd Idol

    As Zepy himself observed the revelation of Ritsuko's cousin being a trap comes on the heels of the 16-year-old idol mother. That's two out of three. At this point I expect that Eri Mizutani has a certain controversy built into her as well, we just don't know the specifics yet …

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  2. Idolm@ster for DS

    As seen at "my game news flash" (via), a gaming magazine Famitsu announced Idolm@ster Dear Stars for DS.

    The whole idea seems cynical. First Idolmaster Portable, and now this. For the game defined by its exquisite 3D to be detuned progressively for the worse and worse platform... may be …

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  3. Toradora VN is coming

    I was browsing Amazon randomly [*], and ran across what looks like a Toradora VN, to be released on April 30 2009 for PSP. Tempting. But what if I buy it, and there's no Ami path? /wrists

    [*] Actually, I caught an ad at sidebar of Akibaos (NSFW ads). But this seemed …

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  4. Shin on Idolm@ster SP

    Shin is unbelievably pervy and I feel unnerved linking to stuff like this:

    Probably the best part of the interactions occurs when things get physical. You’re then allowed to touch your idol when prompted, and in case you’re wondering, yes you can actually cope a feel, although be …
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  5. Kotori Otonashi

    My insatiable hunger for Idolm@ster videos led me from Youtube to Nico, where I found this fan edition:

    The chick represents Kotori, the non-playable character. She is an office assistant in the 765 Studios. On the Master of Master CD, she does the Talk 02 track and "is made …

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  6. Idolm@aster CDs

    I blame DiGiKerot. His gendoesque gaze compels me to buy IM@S merch. This time it's the combo of COCX-35247 and LACA-5736. The former is bought without sampling first, as I swore to do previously.

    It wasn't a mistake, I'm happy to report. Master of Master turned out to be …

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  7. 765 and 961 in Idolm@ster

    Published: Tue 24 February 2009
    By Author

    In game.

    I was wondering what the studio names mean in Idolm@ster, and DiGiKerot said:

    <DiGiKerot> The trick is that the character for 6 can be pronounced Mu or Mutsu or similar, so it contracts to NaMuGo, or, rather, Namco, the name of the developer of the iM@S games.
    <DiGiKerot …

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  8. The real Sharon Apple

    Published: Tue 17 February 2009
    By Author

    In game.

    The raise of artificial entertainment characters is an idea so obvious that even Hollywood took a stab at it (fortunately, I forgot the title of that movie). However, why stop at what already is? Enhance the entertainers! This actually happens today, just look at Miku's impossible hair. I'm pretty sure …

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