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  1. Raws hurt bloglulz

    What a strange prohibition. Why, Japan?!

    Reviewing my Kampfer stash, I felt that I miss the captions that made screenshots livelier. Certainly, I can try to compensate with the in-text explanations, but it's just not the same. Here's a couple of pictures to illustrate the thesis further, try to imagine …

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  2. Best search string ever

    Someone from WICHITA.EDU visited an old post searching for "apollo oms rocket". No, seriously. Actually, the post is a compendum of openings in heat shields of various spacecraft, but apparenlty nobody is interested in that... Perhaps this has something with Google Lunar X-prize, which does not call for a …

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  3. Oh Yukari

    Having barely finished a page, I started flipping through...

    In the anime, Yukari shows for the training in street clothes. I guess the animators were lazy.

    Dear Bandai Entertainment, please hurry up.

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