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    Published: Wed 22 February 2017
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    In bost.

    According to ANN, Daisuki is trying to add social elements:

    Forget the hassle of having to bounce between anime streaming pages and the forums -- now you enjoy anime and congregate in one place!

    I suppose the gratification is delayed when you e-mail to Author or post on your own blog …

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  2. Crunchyroll enters physical media market

    Published: Tue 16 August 2016
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    In bost.

    Remember when the largest incumbent of discs, Funimations, tried to stream? Good times. Tables are turned now, with Crunchyroll's announcement:

    [W]e are super excited to announce that Crunchyroll has acquired the rights for merchandise and home video for the smash-hit Kabaneri!

    Crunchyroll is excited to announce our entry into …

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  3. Anime Viking on Daisuki

    This is what happens when you extensively research propaganda and PR declarations by corporate suits and then take them on face value (in particular Shibata'a promises of not strong-arming Crunchy):

    In other words, Daisuki was meant as a complement to the already existing anime streaming websites. The purpose was not …

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  4. DiGiKerot on Streaming Catalog


    Animax pretty much work on the opposite business model to Crunchyroll, in so much as new episodes of “simulcast” shows are available for around two weeks to everyone, and what the subscribing user is paying for access to is catalogue content. I do have to give them props for …

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  5. Daisuki buys ads

    I don't know about you, but I see Daisuki's adds all the time. Here's one from The Onion:

    And this one is from TTAC:

    Not sure who the ad provider is, probably Google. But it's figuratively everywhere. I saw banners, too.

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  6. Omo on Daisuki

    I just found that Omo was ahead of John noticing Daisuki, only he buried the important part deep down some general post.

    I hate to be pessimistic but there are not a lot of reasons why we should assume [Daisuki] can execute. To be honest the whole idea feels more …

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