Funimation Strikes Back

October 19th, 2014 by Author

After years of being content with licensing (mostly) rubbish, FUNi chose to strike on the streaming front this year. I know at least of 3 shows that they put up at Hulu: Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, Madan no Ou to Vanadis, Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. The latter two were announced at Crunchyroll, but so far there were no videos posted, and these series are in a real danger of going the route of Yama no Susume, for which Crunchy only showed 1 episode.

This fearsome power of the incumbent would not be such a bad if thing if Hulu weren’t so badly ran. Ads cannot be paused and there are too many of them. In fact they allocated so many ad slots that ads repeat a lot. I have to mention their player is not a crash city anymore, but it’s a small consolation.

Back in the day FUNi streamed at Youtube, but unfortunately they decided to strike a pact with the devil to my detriment.

Sudden alarm about YuYuYu

October 17th, 2014 by Author

Twitter killed animeblogging and delivered us this:

Kurogane: “I’m sure all these Madoka similarities I’m seeing in #yuyuyu is just my own hyperactive imagination.”

Mike (of Anime Diet): “At least this one was relatively competent. Looking at you #wixoss…#yukiyuna may be to Madoka that Rahxephon was to Eva”

What can I say… RahXephon was rather good, unlike Anno’s overhyped hallucination. Still, Madoka. That doesn’t sound enticing.

Bloggers on 2014 Autumn

October 15th, 2014 by Author

The season opening summaries start to pop up. Jason Miao’s Thin Slicing feels like he’s tired of the gig. But it’s still there, like clockwork or J.P.’s end-of-year poop post.

Peter S. stepped up his game. He posted a comprehensive and informative series of 6 sections (exh.1, exh.2, exh.3, exh.4, exh.5, exh.6). As usual, you do not need to agree, but read what he saw in each entry.

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru did it not air yet, apparently. {Update: Uh-oh, shaftist.}

The End of Barcode Kanojo

October 14th, 2014 by Author

The following announcement was posted at the official webpage (which is certain to disappear soon too, so there’s no need to link it) — English language version:

[Important] Service Closing Announcement

We would like to deeply thank you all for continuing to use Barcode Kanojo
Regretably, the decision has been made to close all services of Barcode Kanojo on November 30th, Sunday 23:59 JST (14:59 UTC).

We would like to especially thank all of the longtime users who have truly enjoyed Barcode Kanojo, and on behalf of the development and management teams we offer our sincere apologies about the closing of our service.

Here’s what the end of ownership is like. Make no mistake, iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, Kantai Collection, and Love Live School Idol Festival are all in the same boat.

I knew it was a lie when you said that, Penny.

UPDATE: Omo gloats on Twitter about the proper console-based iM@S being immortal when compared to that flash-in-the-pan Cinderella Girls thing.

Regarding Cinderella Girls, I’m very concerned that the anime is going to become its undoing. It’s too expensive, too extravagant. Inevitably, the interest is going to peak and decline in the year 2015. But once it starts declining, Namco is not going to wait to find out if it plateaus. The astute managers, artists, and even programmers are going to move onto new projects, the flow of the content is going to abate, new players will stop joining and the whole thing will crash like a house of cards. Note that the grind in CG is based on leveling and once you level out, there’s nowhere else to go. Even bonuses in the events ultimately help you level. So, yeah. Let’s enjoy the 2015 while we can.

Girl Friend BETA 01

October 12th, 2014 by Author

The Girlfriend (Kari) was on my season’s list, but not very high, and I would not get to it so soon if I did not feel rebelous about animeblogging authority. Results are somewhat unclear… The 01 is far from hitting it out of the park. However, it was watcheable, with a few caveats.

The biggest surprise is, nobody is anybody’s girlfriend, and not likely to be. In fact, boys are completely erased. Sure, they are present in the background, but they do not act, ever. The official title is “Girl Friend”, not “Girlfriend”.

The overall style of the episode is basically an inferior reprint of GochiUsa, with the saccharine relations between girls providing the content. I suppose it’s not the worst kind of anime out there.

Oh and BTW. The uniforms use the 3-color code not only on the heck ornaments, but at blazers and skirts as well. It looks like an expensive school.

UPDATE: A shocker at RABUJOI:

I actually like how Chloe’s seiyu tries to replicate someone for which Japanese is not their first language [...]

And I think it’s the worst. It sounds nothing like the real foreigners in Japan. It’s ridiculous. But hey, opinions. SDB hates gymnastics, apparently. And the episode was yuritastic: choose love and hate as you will.

UPDATE: Bloggers reported that the seiyuus for the series belong to the group “Sphere”, which went into the hype cycle briefly when Natsuiro Kiseki aired, but fell back into obscurity promptly thereafter. I cannot even muster the interest to investigate.

Nigorimasen resets

October 10th, 2014 by Author

A couple of days ago Calaggie suffered a loss of blog contents. It happens from time to time, most notably on my blogroll Omo-no-mono and H.C.Staff went through resets. I used to rage about that heavily. It’s one thing to have someone steal your cookie at a WiFi, or even a password — it can happen to anyone. Another thing is to have no backups. The lackadastical approach in such case is an affront to anyone who links to you. But eventually I realized that having expectations of dilligence presumes that Anime Blogging Is Serious Business and not just a shitty hobby that gets no respect. The Ani-Nouto answer to this realization is to increase the quote size. Then the good content is getting saved at least somewhat. I wish I applied that to Tom when linking him.

SDB on Twintails

October 10th, 2014 by Author

Looks like Ore Twintail ni Narimasu 01 was pretty good. And:

This director also did OreImo, which I didn’t watch (Eeew!) but a lot of people liked. It was popular enough to get a sequel.

Siscon is too much for me. I don’t usually like switch hitters, either, but I think I can tolerate this one because I think they aren’t going to dwell on it.

That’s the crux of matter, isn’t it? Still, Kampfer was quite good until they peed the story down their legs (well, the LN author did). I’m not going to do the same mistake and get invested into watching Twintails in-season, but godspeed.

UPDATE: I think Pony Canyon ought to strike a deal with Crypton about a guest appearance of the most famous Twintails of them all.

UPDATE: ANN says “Sumire Uesaka as Tail Red”. Why not Tail Red Star? :disappointed_asian_father.jpg:

Omo on iM@S Movie

October 9th, 2014 by Author


why are you complaining about that Million Live is being advertised in the Idolm@ster Movie ..?

I suspect there’s a certain disappointment about the opportunity costs. ML is not popular, so every screen second Namco is using to cram its characters down our throats is a second lost to Haruka and other originals… Jupiter… our favourte trap… or what the heck, even Leon. At least Cinderella Girls get a series coming in January.

By the way I’m just glad Matsuri and Fuka make appearances in this thing after all, as these two are my top ML idols today.

Well, good for you.

Nozaki-kun ends

October 6th, 2014 by Author

A beneficiary of quick off-season watch on legal streaming, Nozaki-kun was an honest comedy that used the meta premise as an excuse for a character study. And it made me laugh uproarously quite a few times.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Yes, like SYD

Reverse Thieves on Barakamon

October 1st, 2014 by Author

Here we get a proper review, the kind that gets somewhat rare nowadays (certainly Jonathan didn’t indulge readers with one). Here’s just one graf:

The most fascinating part of the series is probably the more realistic approach to the creative process. While there are certainly dramatic liberties taken with the creation of art I do feel the whole process around making something creative comes off a more genuine in Barakamon. There is much more of a look at the trial and error of making a piece of art. We see Seishuu failures, aborted ideas, test runs, and good ideas that don’t pan out even more than his completed works. His works are 90% blood, sweat, and tears and 10% amazing inspiration. There is a little bit of fantastic realism but overall it at least feels authentic and that is what is most important.