Planetarian begins

July 25th, 2016 by Author

Aren’t we supposed to hate tragedies here? Only if they suck. Overwrought, artificial, meaningless tragedies are no good. But I heard good things about Planetarian VN and who knows, maybe we’ll see a good adaptation. Available for streaming on DAISUKI.

Love Live Sunshine begins

July 24th, 2016 by Author

This wasn’t blogged in the category, but I ragequit the original LL in the finale of Season 1, hard. Never seen S2. And now this. Why? I don’t know, and I don’t care. Perhaps I want to meet someone like Nico again. And if I have to put up with another Nozomi, so be it.

Actually, I think it should be clear by now that the core of LL success is in its characters, love them or hate them. These fake idols are much too real.

One other thing, some folks were belly-aching about LLS repeating LL almost screencap by screencap. Indeed, there’s some of it. But isn’t it how great things are often times? They evolve and improve with every iteration. Look no further than Mazda MX-5.

Dia is the best girl, although I haven’t seen all of them in just 3 episodes.

P.S. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it’s as if the creators meant to underline how dumb Chika was when they showed her demonstrating a video on her cellphone and holding it in portrait format.

P.P.S. Production values are superb all around. It is especially noticeable in the handling of reflections. The 3D is another step forward.

Flying Witch suspended

July 24th, 2016 by Author

This failure wasn’t entirely unexpected. If the anime industry can screw up Non-Non Biyori, they can screw up any slice-of-life. Poor Flying Witch did not even receive an imaginative screw-up. It simply was poorly drawn and animated, with cringeworthy scripting and acting. Especially the dude drove me up the wall every time he spoke. Inukai was a tremendous disappointment, too. I think it was terrible all around, but bloggers lapped it up (in particular, CKS and SDS). Seen 8.

UPDATE: Evirus liked it too, quotes "idyllic, laid back atmosphere and pace".

Bakuon suspended

July 24th, 2016 by Author

This one was officially credited to Chizumatic’s post “boobs and bikes”. And how is it possible to screw up this formula? Yet Bakuon only lasted 3 episodes. The impossibly stilted writing did it in, as well as lack of a compelling narrative, or actually anything interesting. Not even boobs were presented well. The penciled note was “feels like a poor retelling”.

UPDATE: Steven rolls out a comparison with Azumanga Daioh. It is quite offensive, frankly. The difference in quality is enormous. One is bad and other is good, what is to compare? But if we take his argument seriously, it boils down to the a structural similarity of having a bunch of girls there, and a bunch here, and they engage into their CGDCT activities in both cases. But this similarity is far too general. Even things like Hidamari and Yuuki Yuuna fall into the same category, and Steven wasn’t a big fan of either. BTW, for some reason he forgot that I’ve read all of the manga, and thus I’m aware of Jesus and Raimu-sempai, er, Lime.

GATE suspended

July 24th, 2016 by Author

GATE started well and continued well for 10 episodes, but when the middle dragged in, I lost interest. The way Pinya was managed was super irritating, and in general it was just a bad patch. Not sure who the best girl really is. I suppose, it has to be Rory, but she’s not my type — too twisted due to the specific divinity.

Sweetness and Lightning begins

July 24th, 2016 by Author

Thank Jason for this one. He never made any promises about accuracy of thin slicing, except statistically. And S&L is toying with suspension right out of the gate.

Reasons are… not very strong. The art of the dad is irritatingly substandard, for example. It is as if they focused on the runt so much that they burned out by the time they had to drow the dad.

Also, I looked at the parent manga, and it’s not KnJ. I suppose that’s both good and bad, depending.

Do you want to ReLIFE?

July 23rd, 2016 by Author

Sagematt (last heard coblogging for Nova), asked me the question. The clever dude noticed that I was very much into the manga as well as the anime, and that the proper way to enjoy the ReLIFE is to enjoy the time with the characters, which leads to the assumption of the question: if you like ReLIFE, what could be better than ReLIFE for real? Granted, I feel the attraction. But I have to answer “no”.

The defining feature of ReLIFE is that the subject remains at his or her age. They are just transported into ReLIFE temporarily. The problem is, I’m not 27. It’s not as useful for those pushing 5th decade. Once back, I don’t have the time to apply the XP one gains in ReLIFE. The subjects are supposed to use the experience to turn their life around before 30, but it’s much too late for me.

And it’s not like my life is bad, so there’s no upside. The subjects are selected from people who need help, but I don’t need an intervention of this magnitude. But disruption is considerable. For one thing, what’s going to happen to my wife while I’m frolicking in ReLIFE? She has health issues and my need my help.

Okay, you can romance jailbaits for a year, essentially free of any aprobirum as long as you don’t knock them up. Could be a prize for someone at the age of the characters, but my libido is not where it used ot be. Nope, still no sale.

Finally, although not as much of an issue if one is prepared, is that the health problems that the lead has are pretty funny, while mine are already serious. I’m not sure I would be able to study properly. At least I don’t have dietic restrictions.

If it were on the conditions of life extension or an unconditional reboot, that would be something to consider. ReLIFE though… Too much trouble for too little benefit.

Saiki Flash

July 23rd, 2016 by Author

I watched an episode of Saiki at Crunchy and thought I’d have a look a little ahead… Went to YouTube, and…. Why was I not informed?!

Apparently, Saiki was animated in “flash anime” before. It’s basically like the original manga of One Punch Man. Upload dates are somewhere in 2013. And it’s hilarious as all get out. I can’t get enough of it!

I have to say though, the voicework is top notch. The so-called “flash” videos are supposed to be made by fans, but it’s nothing like Little Karibou (with all due respect to the master). Sounds like they hired professional seiyuu.

ReLIFE manga

July 21st, 2016 by Author

My attention was drawn to ReLIFE by a post at Blue Blue Wave, of all places. However, Papa Pixy warned that the anime has no ending and just stops midway, like Sacred Blacksmith. So, if you want to know how it went, you have to read the manga. So I did. And…

… the manga is not finished either. OTZ. But! It’s designed to end, and it is progressing smoothly towards the finale. So, that part is not so bad, except that we cannot know what the mangaka has it mind for the resolution. Characters are pleasant, too. I could not put it down and essentially marathoned the whole thing over the course of several days.

Downsides? Mainly the lazy writing that uses convenient plot devices, such as evesdroping. But despite loving these crutches, some of the plot turns took me by surprise (especially ch.111).

So, Liked: Yes, Re-read: Yes. But one note of caution: the manga appears to be published in a direct-to-smartphone format, so it may be impossible to buy. I haven’t investigated yet if the dead tree options exist.

UPDATE: I posted an additional Important Spoiler Note separately, because it really is a spoiler and Ani-nouto does not provide a mechanism for hiding of spoilers.

Celeste on Tamako Love Story

July 15th, 2016 by Author

Ani-nouto was critical of Tamako Love Story despite its high recommendations, but have a look at the analysis by Bateszi’s co-blogger. Despite its personalistic lead-in, it focused on the movie itself rather than impression left by the movie (insomuch these can be separated).

The strangest thing about Tamako Love Story is that it’s riveting in a way that (frankly) Tamako Market just isn’t. Like most slice of life anime, Tamako Market borders on the tedious. It relies on a Maru-esque sort of appeal: being so mind numbingly boring it becomes inherently relaxing. Just the kind of thing a tired adult wants at the end of a stressful day. By contrast, Tamako Love Story isn’t modest at all: it’s emotionally charged, and demands attention from its viewers. […]

Where Tamako Market is myopic in scope, Tamako Love Story is telescopic: it moves from Tamako in relation to the market, to Tamako in relation to other people, and finally, to Tamako in relation to Mochizou.

Celeste is not particularly prolific, but she shapes up as a good catch for our British friend. She was already linked before, in 2011.