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  1. Suite Precure candy

    In what is becoming a tradition, new season is new candy!

    The avant-guarde kindergarten-hour designs of Heartcatch are banished like a bad dream, and the robust, eye-pleasing girls are back.

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  2. Fresh Precure candy

    So, I was shopping for foods in a local store when I spied this:

    Leaving aside the bizarre circumstances that brought Fresh Precure candy to America, where Fresh Precure is not broadcast, consider this: each Cure has her own flavour, which you can sample by sucking on a designated candy …

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  3. Honoka yuri Nagisa

    An e-mail from Zyl reminded me about the lesbian danger in Precure. I was rather nonchalant about it, since Evirus did not post anything, and he is sensitive like a radio. However, based on one episode, there's a significant, possibly meaningful asymmetry built into the character set of Precure: Nagisa …

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