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  1. The Black Healer as the pinnacle of Chick Isekai

    In our days, when Rimuru the Slime anime succeeds Death March and Dorei Majutsu on air, the traditional isekai is well established. Everyone loves frolicking in a slave harem. However, it's not the only defined form of isekai. Its antagonist is, for the lack of a better term, the chick …

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  2. Renai 3D Debut manga

    For whatever reason I often re-read the silly thing (well, the 6 chapters currently available on scanlations). It's just so nice, and everything about it is adorable: the arrow stuck in her head, how she turns into a lion and roars, and even the normie interlocutor (despide being a fujoshi …

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  3. Coolkyoushinja

    The same author made Danna ga Nani o Itteru Wakaranai (and its spin-off Sabinuki Kanojo), Komori-san wa Kotowarenai, Kobayashi-san no Meido Dragon. All three were adapted into anime.

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  4. Running manga

    Recently, I found myself reading manga quite a bit, and possibly at the expnse of the anime. Most of it is rather so-so, but I found 3 series available online that are worth reading raw.

    #1 is Oshiete Galko-chan. It was featured at Ani-nouto previously, and although officially it comes …

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  5. Loot

    Published: Thu 21 April 2016
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    In manga.

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    Recently, I find myself watching less than in the past, spending a lot of time playing games and reading manga. Funny how that works.

    Right to left: GA:GADC vol.7 (final, I think), Tomo-chan vol.2, Galko vol.1.

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  6. Tomo-chan and mis-translation

    We do not consider it justified to complain about translation here often, especially when the original is easily available, but just for today, take a look at this:

    Humitan's Jun says, "俺達。。。このままずっと。。。こんな風に。。。", or approximately, "If we stayed this way forever". The LLS' Jun says, "You know... It'd be …

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