Running manga

Recently, I found myself reading manga quite a bit, and possibly at the expnse of the anime. Most of it is rather so-so, but I found 3 series available online that are worth reading raw.

#1 is Oshiete Galko-chan. It was featured at Ani-nouto previously, and although officially it comes out on paper, it is available at Senmanga. Scanlations were sporadic and ceased a while ago.

#2 is ReLIFE. Not sure I really like where the author is taking the manga. Clearly he's not reading my suggestions (j/k). But it's not bad, for a school romance. It's available officially at Comico, on a strict schedule every Friday. Scanlations keep up, and I sometimes refer to them. {Update: The festival may be over. Can you believe the timing?}

#3 is Mousou Telepathy. That one is a school romance also (a theme is beginning to appear), and is rather cute. Or at least I'm not as bored with it as with the Tomo-chan, where Humitan decided to squeeze the lemon of popularity to the last drop, instead of developing a story. Both are at Sai-zen-sen, on an erratic schedule. Scanlations are way behind, but chugging along.

If someone wants a wider selection (and in English), they may do worse than to look at Draggle's list in 3 parts (one, two, three). I find little to quarrel in it.