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  1. #animeblogger on Trinity Seven

    There's a link to #animeblogger on the sidebar, and it still works, in 2015. Anyhow, although the following was a while back, I wanted to preserve it.

    <sage> hikago
    <sage> why didn't you tell me about trinity seven
    <sage> it's the show I've enjoyed the most this season
    <sage> cute …
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  2. Damn you, Gree

    According to the PV at Youtube (h/t Mr.Kerot), the upcoming iDOLM@STER movie is going to include girls of Million Live. If I cared a little more, I would've raged badly, because so far I found no way to access said Million Live. Gree is adamant about the …

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  3. IM@S Shiny Fiesta

    The three Shiny Fiesta videos were originally built into the PSP game, and came over with the celebrated port to iOS. The OVAs used the art and continuity of the TV series, but they sucked just like the original OVA.

    The stories were poorly told: predictable, flat, stereotypical to the …

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