IM@S Shiny Fiesta

The three Shiny Fiesta videos were originally built into the PSP game, and came over with the celebrated port to iOS. The OVAs used the art and continuity of the TV series, but they sucked just like the original OVA.

The stories were poorly told: predictable, flat, stereotypical to the point of insulting. Which would be ok if we were treated to some kind of amazing fanservice, but it's the same cut-rate parody of animation by A-1. Just to give one example, Yukiho's hat during her "date" did not match the shape or size of her head. My sister cut out better fitting dresses for her paper dolls from hobby magazines. I thought that Honey Sound was the only decent part, but it was ruined by cringeworthy musical number (not that I have anything against Ritsuko in seifuku, mind, but the ku-a-riti, ugh).

I have to ask myself again if the pain of being a fan of IM@S is worth this torture.