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  1. Sekirei vs Strike Witches

    Steven posted a small teatrise that lauds Strike Witches and pits it against Sekirei:

    But the real reason the [Strike Witches] works for me is the characterization. All the girls are good, but the characters of Miyafuji and Sakamoto make the show. They're both really interesting, and the interaction between …

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  2. Sekirei Sound Stage, bis

    I'm done with SSS 02, and I would like to augment my previous post.

    • SSS includes musical numbers in every third or fourth track. I think they are image soungs, lifed as-is from character signles. There was some effort to fit them in though. For example, Squirtle's number is ostensibly …
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  3. Sekirei Sound Stage

    Speaking of seyuu, I came to appreciate Marina Inoue (BTW, "Marina" has a kanji spelling: 麻里奈), because I'm listening to Sekirei Sound Stage 01. The SSS is a so-called "Drama CD". It reminds me of radio adaptations of my youth: seyuu play out the dialogue, instead of everything being read …

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