Sekirei Sound Stage

Speaking of seyuu, I came to appreciate Marina Inoue (BTW, "Marina" has a kanji spelling: 麻里奈), because I'm listening to Sekirei Sound Stage 01. The SSS is a so-called "Drama CD". It reminds me of radio adaptations of my youth: seyuu play out the dialogue, instead of everything being read by a narrator, as in an audiobook. Naturally, the voicework takes on a bigger significance without visuals, and Marina Inoue makes a good account of herself as Squirtle... er, Tsukiumi. Her other role was Yoko in Gurren Lagann.

Curiously, even J.P.Meyer asked if listening to SSS makes sense, since Sekirei is presumably about big breasts. The "even" part comes from this idea being simple enough to pop into minds of juvenile friends of Lolikit[sune]. I expected more from J.P. and, I admit, my first temptation was to ask him to stop thinking with his penis. But then I remembered how much effort SDB spent on evangelizing Divergence Eve. Sekirei is even a tougher case: the creators of anime clearly wanted the fanservice to shine... and then the DVDs came out uncensored. The story is also not very large in its scope, so it's a little wonder J.P.'s thought process ran in the obvious track.

The story in SSS is different in details from the anime. For example, the whole initial capture arc is bypassed, but then we're treated to additional scenes: Kuu and Uzume working in the yard, or the cliche of Minato evesdropping on his "wives" (Kuu calls them "あれのつまたち") when they discuss him.

One thing I rue now is how Japanese are serious about their limited releases. Aside from SSS, Sekirei also had a "normal" Drama CD (which is bit confusing, since I think SSS is a typical Drama CD), but it's sold out.