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  1. Netflix strikes again

    While I had the v.1 of Starship Operators at home, the v.3 went from available to not available at Netflix. After a few seconds of rage, I went to Boxtorrents (Bakabt now). The bad part is, I cannot send a signal with my money. Netflix receives a fixed …

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  2. Netflix Mapping, 3

    Ah My Goddess S1 v.1 should be a common disk, and it's not scratched, but it played with some skipping. It may be my software (VLC 1.0.0-rc2), but still, better mark it in case.

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  3. Netflix mapping 2

    Netflix delayed Midori Days v.3 several times. It was in the queue before Nanoha v.1 and only arrived together with Nanoha v.3, a month or two later. Netflix recently got into a habit of bypassing the top of the queue and sending discs from follwing positions. I …

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