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  1. Wing Commander anime

    No, there wasn't an announcement, but wouldn't it be awesome if someone (someone other than GONZO) produced a modern adaptation of the Wing Commander? Perhaps even reimagined Christopher Blair as a magical girl? The games themselves had a Visual Novel built in, so that's already done. There was also a …

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  2. Google on Sankaku Complex

    Google selected the Sankaku Complex story to lead the report on the election results in Japan (see screenshot) -- in fact, to lead any blog reports period.

    What a world.

    UPDATE: The screencap is that of default Google Blog Search homepage, before a search is entered (I freely admit that I …

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  3. Dear Lelangir

    Please stop using the permalink-free mechanism for sharing and throw the links somepleace which I can refer to give you a credit. Why should I give the Google juice that you deserve to Google itself?

    Today I appreciate the links to the key part of Naruto 64 (which I blogged …

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  4. BD sales in Japan are 50% anime

    This is just what John reports:

    GfK Marketing Services Japan reports that more than 50% of the money Japanese consumers spent to purchase Blu-ray discs during the first half of 2009 went to anime discs.

    What about other countries?

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  5. Brickmuppet needs urgent help w/Tokyo

    Brickmuppet is asking if it's possible to cash A Western Union Money Order in Tokyo. Apparently he managed to get stuck in there without money and he has one of the black and yellow things. Sounds like a set-up for a Megatokyo-like cartoon, but is sadly real.

    If Meenuvia's comment …

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  6. I'm my own Oricon

    Interesting dispersion, with counts falling sharply off the top. And the counts are higher than I expected.

    Obviously, the correlation with the strength of the track is approximate. I'm pretty sure 1st Priority benefited from a proximity to tracks of Stellvia on the playlist, it's not one of my all-time …

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  7. Hinano's bra

    I knew about Hinano's international shopping since she twittered: "omg my bra from Japan came! that was fast! and it's cheaper and nicer than if I got it at Victoria's secret!"

    God, I so love capitalism. The same invisible hand that has built airplanes, airports, banks, credit cards, and warehouses …

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  8. Bad news for lolicons

    BBC reports from Australia:

    Justice Michael Adams said the purpose of anti-child pornography legislation was to stop sexual exploitation and child abuse where images of "real" children were depicted.

    But in a landmark ruling he decided that the mere fact that they were not realistic representations of human beings did …

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