1. The show versus its merchandize

    In Omo's comments, I read things like:

    Like Omo, my manga, anime-related novels (and other books), and anime-related CD purchases come to about 2.5 times my DVD purchases (I don’t buy figures, really, but I do buy character art).

    Although I know it to be a conventional wisdom …

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  2. On the bridge in SF

    I think I mentioned before that they have a pasta place in Japantown in SF, called "On the Bridge", where manga is made available to customers, but here are a couple of pictures.

    They also show anime from R1 DVDs, this time it's the UFO Princess Valkirie.

    I'm not very …

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  3. Protect your anime

    Granted, the center flaking does not happen often, but when it does, it's very unpleasant. Here's how my Tenchi v.2 looks now (miraclously, it's still playable... not sure for how long):

    So, I was on a lookout for a better way to keep dics which are rewatched often. The …

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  4. Anime pulls a Lucas

    Zyl catalogs updates that an episode of Nanoha StrikerS received between TV and DVD. Keeping an anime in a digital master (and not on a Betamax tape) invites such post-factum editing. Naruto was famously edited to remove excessive blood for the U.S. broadcast, which created quite a steer among …

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  5. Taiyaki

    This is not quite what they had in Mahoraba and Kanon, but in San Francisco we have to get by with these:

    {Update - In response to Steven, Author eats them head first. The reason is, they are not symmetric: tail has more dough, head has more filling. Tail has a …

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