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  1. Naruto 53

    I noticed that the whole front page of this ostensibly anime blog has not a single image, so I rush to correct this regretful oversight. Behold:

    The steam is not removed for the DVD since it's a part of the transformation, see the hand gesture.

    Naruto 53 is another of …

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  2. SDS on Hinata

    He warns against spoilers, but the article at OGIUE MANIAX is actually rather tame by comparison with real spoilers that Hinano piles on us. Anyway, he says:

    Hinata, before anyone else, was the first to realize Naruto’s true character, and it’s only natural that her admiration would turn …
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  3. TV in my Naruto?!

    Moero Amazon has a tiny item about Shipuuden 98, with a screencap that includes a consumer TV:

    This is bound to raise more questions about the lack of cellphone service in Konoha.

    BTW, the sign appears to say that 2011/7/24 is the end of analog broadcast, if I …

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