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  1. Zyl on Kampfer 12

    Hontou ni:

    It's almost the studio was anticipating the response to the ending of Ep 11: "Senseless!? THIS IS KAMPFEEEEEER!!!!! Have some kimochi warui for everyone to chew on for the holidays! wwwwww"

    In onther words, much better than 08th MS Team 12. I only wish Natsurus had twins.

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  2. Kampfer 11 (END)

    So, everything is explained, nothing is resolved. More later, maybe.

    Oh, and also: I heard Shizuku (and Mikoto) saying "あやつられていろ" (it means "is being manipulated"). I knew that studying passive would come handy one day. There was casuative too, although I didn't jot it.

    UPDATE: A decent blow-by-blow write-up is …

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  3. Aroduc reveals Kampfer 11

    This went up just now:

    What? It’s over? That’s not an ending! But it’s okay, because I was laughing my ass off through the last five minutes of the show. Even now, it’s kind of hard to type because I’m still giggling like a school …

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  4. Kampfer 09 Preview

    I think that white Kampfers must be hench[wo]men of Moderators who do not fight as such, but beat up colored ones and make them fight like gladiators. Shizuku is going to have it tough.


    When I watched how gears were furiously turning in Shizuku's head …

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  5. Ryan on Kampfer

    Apropos the previous post, Ryan remarks:

    I would have joined this little session, except I lost interest in Kampfer when Sakura became very pushy and potentially dangerous.

    Actually Sakura always was dangerous, since she presented everyone with their plushies. It should be clear from the ep.1 that she's the …

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