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  1. Who are they?

    From my last trip, I brought a NO NAME's signle CD, which looks like this:

    On the left is a pack-in bonus: a photograph of... someone. Ditto on the right. Despite studying printed material, I continue to be confused by 3D, so I cannot tell. Logically thinking, it should be …

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  2. Leader

    When I watched the famous "Danketsu" video[1] years ago, it was notable how much importance the members of 765PRO cast placed on the Leader, even if they ultimately decided against having one. So I was quite ready for the Takamina story in AKB0048.

    The double-zero setting embraces the concept …

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  3. Supporting the industry

    Had this delivered today:

    Interesting book... No manga, but the interview with the director is there. Karen Iwata is in the center of lower row at the cover, I think — those 3D faces confuse me. Surprisingly young-looking for the voice, if it's her.

    The single is the usual set of …

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  4. Who is Karen Iwata?

    Take it from a seiyuus ignoramus: one of the biggest things that I marked about AKB0048 01 was how Nagisa's voice was far too big for her character, even after the 4-year timeskip. The effect is somewhat similar to what many were observing about Urabe (CV: Ayako Yoshitani). The most …

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  5. Bloggers on early AKB0048

    I already blogged Nova, who spoke to my sensibilities. Nothing about Nova's narrative changed after seeing the material for myself, but I am not entirely satisfied for other reasons and tried to find some good naysaying. Unfortunately, the pickings were slim.

    Peter S. disappoints completely. Take a load of this …

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