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  1. Author in Wonderland of VN

    I am not done with Toradora Portable (TDP), but I have some notes to share. They may contain spoilers, hopefully inoffensive.

    TDP is readily available (for now) from retailers like Play-Asia. It is a UMD game for Sony PSP, with all the upsides of convenience balanced with the downsides of …

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  2. Hinano takes on Rocket

    In reality, Hinano does not appear to know about Rocket, inconceivable as it may sound. So, any competition between her new project and Starlight is just my imagination, but whatever. Once she gets the ball rolling, the competition is going to come to exist objectively.

    Her designs look very good …

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  3. Hourglass ends

    In the end I marathoned the remainder of the damn thing in two days, since I leave for Tokyo tomorrow and I didn't want to leave Hourglass of Summer hanging. God that was long. The amazing part, by the way, is how the OVA lasts for 2 episodes only. I …

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  4. Avatar on Visual Novels

    Seen at Avatar's:

    More Fate in the future, to be followed by the newly-translated Unlimited Blade Works (Rin route, basically.) And to hear tell, the third path, Heaven's Feel (Sakura route, dark x e^100) should be finished soon too. I tried to convince Author to try it out, but …
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  5. Hourglass, hourglass

    I am aware that this blog is turning into all Hourglass all the time kind of deal, but what can I do? It's longer than I imagined and it takes all my anime time. I finally visited the walkthrough, and found that only now I'm at about the middle. One …

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  6. Hourglass... 90% done, 90% remains

    Now that I made peace with the medium ("it's only a full-color manga with audiobook overlay"), I can hate the content freely.

    The phenomenal stupidity of the male lead, Kotaro, is something I have never seen before. I wasn't that stupid at his age myself, and trust me, I was …

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  7. Hourglass halfway

    The length of this thing keeps confusing me. Every time I think that I must've reached the halfway point, it just keeps going deeper and deeper. For example, Mana's arrival threw me into a loop. It just made no sense whatsoever.

    Since then I looked into the booklet, which says …

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  8. SDB on Tea Society of...

    I and Steven for some odd reason often march in lockstep like goosestepping nazis (e.g. watching Shingu)... OK, it was a bad analogy, because we're not in complete sync this time. While I'm struggling with Hourglass, he's sampling another Hirameki title, Tea Society of a Witch.

    The biggest disappointment …
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