1. Hourglass grinding

    If anyone wondered why I never have any content at the blog anymore, it's because I'm grinding on the Hourglass of Summer like a Chinese goldminer in WoW. My word, that thing is long.

    Currently I'm playing it straight with the unshakable love of Kaho, but I think I might …

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  2. Hirameki is out of business

    Yesterday I saw it mentioned Visual-Novels.net, with ANN reporting it a day later: Hirameki is gone. The message at their website says: "Hirameki International Group, Inc. has decided to bow out of publishing Interactive Visual Novels as of January 2, 2008."

    Coincidently, Hourglass of Summer was the centerpiece of …

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  3. And now something completely different

    I played through a ren-ai game (actually, one episode) that Rocket posted, mostly because it runs on Linux very smoothly. Interesting, but for some odd reason I feel uncomfortable starting with the game, and at times inside. I played Leisure Suit Larry with no issues back in the day, so …

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