And now something completely different

I played through a ren-ai game (actually, one episode) that Rocket posted, mostly because it runs on Linux very smoothly. Interesting, but for some odd reason I feel uncomfortable starting with the game, and at times inside. I played Leisure Suit Larry with no issues back in the day, so this is strange. Maybe it's the uncertainty.

Now I'm kicking myself for passing over the Ai yori Aoshi visual novel in Fry's one day. Since I'm familiar with the material, by playing that item I would know if it's the ren-ai format that causes the discomfort, or the content. But at the time I have already known that Ai yori Aoshi was a stupid harem which I hated, so I decided to wait for a better chance to get familiar with the format in the future.

Thanks to Rocket the future is here, but results are inconclusive.

P.S. RACS has it, $34.98, but it turned out to be a Windows game, and therefore useless for me. A short search reveals that Hirameki publishes interactive novels in DVD format as well, but there's nothing based on a familiar anime (or vice versa).

UPDATE: Rocket replies... to a comment. Obviously he is not familiar with hyperlinks.

UPDATE: Awesome fanart -- including the captain! But how did Jason become "the best author of anime bloggers"? Simple: he collaborates with Sixten on Hearts Content.