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  1. Theology of Haruka Amami

    After listening to the same iDOLM@STER tracks for years, I began to parse some of the text; usually it comes as a sudden understanding while driving along. The full message often remains mysterious. For example, it appears that Agent deals with prostitution (canonically performed by Makoto, Ami and Mami …

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  2. More IM@S CDs

    According to Quadrain, "Slowly but surely Columbia has started to roll out the Master Artist albums." He has Anglospheric-looking cover scans, but no links to anywhere. Amazon has nothing. Googling for "COCX-36511" brings up the same CD, but with Japanese cover. Pretty fresh too, release November 3, 2010 in Japan …

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  3. Human Vocals

    I was listening to "Alive" at an IM@S CD, and it struck me how Haruka Tomatsu can take plainly insane notes for Ai Hidaka. If Miku did that, I would say "pfft, how fake", but Miss Tomatsu is a living person. I don't go to opera often, but I …

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  4. Lelangir on Miku

    Here's another angle:

    I was wondering, why haven’t we ever seen Miku as part of a band? There’s tons of fanart with Miku and other vocaloids holding instruments, singing, etc; but never is Miku presented as being part of a band. I mean, she’s never presented as …
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  5. Zyl on Miku

    He's got all the rest beat: while DM, Omo, et.al. talk about Miku because everyone else is a fan, Zyl is a fan himself. And a real one too, a step or two above my "I buy Miku and Luca tracks at Amazon MP3" level.

    Running into a creator …

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  6. Sososo's "Reboot" is available

    A couple of weeks I was marshalling Youtube links to troll Miku-haters at #animeblogger, when, entirely by accident, I noticed that Sososo posted a promo for an upcoming album "Reboot". It popped up on Amazon today and I immeditealy grabbed a few tracks. It's quite nice, if you're into this …

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  7. May'n and Megumi Nakajima at Anime Expo

    Anime-expo announced that "Megumi Nakajima and May’n will perform together on Friday afternoon, July 2, in Nokia Theater as well as participate in guest panels and autograph sessions." I suppose that it's a good antidote to the mooted staffers' boycott. If they stage a strike now, I'm not going …

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