1. That Miku

    A random[1] video on Youtube said that an album with Miku made it to (somewhat close to) the top of charts, which was a little surprising. I didn't think that common Miku tracks were worth listening, but I hit the Amazon, and Next (ver.i) is quite good. Better …

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  2. MP3 Tracks At Amazon

    Amazon sells MP3 and not DRM-ed garbage like iTunes, so naturally I gravitate to it. Unfortunately, its J-pop library is very small. It's mostly just Puffy (of whom I have everything on CD) and Utada (who I cannot stand for some reason). Just to make things harder, their recommendation system …

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  3. J-Pop at iTunes

    Although I'm done with iPods (not buying any more once my current ones die), I still have an account with iTunes, and one of Windows boxes is still authorized, so I went to check it out. Indeed, the situation with J-Pop has imporved dramatically. I ended getting some Hiromi, Ayumi …

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