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More Fate in the future, to be followed by the newly-translated Unlimited Blade Works (Rin route, basically.) And to hear tell, the third path, Heaven's Feel (Sakura route, dark x e^100) should be finished soon too. I tried to convince Author to try it out, but it seems he won't run it if it won't run under Linux. Definitely a mistake, I think - if you like the concept of visual novels as a format, you owe it to yourself to at least look at the best examples thereof.

So this is what "UBW" is, good to know.

About the "best examples", I'm not quite sure it works that way. Since I do not like manga, and VN is nothing but colored manga which I cannot read at my own pace or away from a PC... I don't think the "best examples" of the medium are going to do anything. I'm not disparaging VN, but, like Hollywood movies, it's just not something I like on the whole. I can take this comparison even further and say that the same movies have "best examples", such as Jackson's LoTR.

P.S. Blogging about Fate, it's impossible not to notice that the fandom is heavily game influenced. The coverage at Beta-Waffle is typical: 90% game, 5% anime. And you know, I am just not into it. I come from the outside, appreciate the anime, ignore the game. If you're not interested, read DiGiKerot.

P.P.S. Rin is hot, Evirus is right. But you know, Saber is hot too, in her tragic way. I still cannot decide who is better.

UPDATE: DiGiKerot writes to correct the record:

Regarding your comment that Fate coverage on blogs is 90% game, 5% anime, I'm not sure that's quite right - it's more 90% figures (largely being format-neutral), 3% game and 1% anime. Seriously, it's one of the most heavily merchandised shows outside of Evangelion., and the number of figure releases is pretty incredible.

For the record, I actually rather liked anime version of F/SN - I thought it was all pretty well handled all round - it's just that by the time I watched it I didn't really have anything to say about it that hadn't been said many, many times before elsewhere (I guess that's what happens when you wait for the DVD release, but given that Geneon USA actually co-produced the show I figured I'd just wait for it). In any case, it faired better than the adaption of Type-Moons Tsukihime, which I enjoyed but had gaping plot-holes for anyone who hadn't played the original VN.

Didn't have anything to say? That's humble. And I'm sure my impression of FSN was unoriginal. But when I started searching what people wrote about it, pickings were slim, unlike, for instance, ef (which owes to a game, so makes a fair comparison). It was all the game all the time for FSN.