Hourglass... 90% done, 90% remains

Now that I made peace with the medium ("it's only a full-color manga with audiobook overlay"), I can hate the content freely.

The phenomenal stupidity of the male lead, Kotaro, is something I have never seen before. I wasn't that stupid at his age myself, and trust me, I was quite stupid.

For one thing, Kotaro is using the calendar to transmit information already, although it's the default crossing of the day. That's great, so why not to create a diary? Same function, a letter from yesterday me to tomorrow me. It's elementary, but is a symptom of a bigger problem: he never stops to reflect on anything. It's always running from girl to girl nonstop.

I am approximately at the moment when Kotaro is beginning to stalk Mana. I can understand that he has no benefit of reading spoiling notes from DVD booklet, that's fine. Since he is not breaking the 4th wall, he cannot instantly decode Jane's foreshadowing, that's fine too. But could he at least write down the predicted events, map them, identify inflection points at which they can be disrupted? If everything else fails, intercept Kaho and pay for taxi or something.

And finally, most of his errors would've been corrected if he talked to Tomo. Just how dumb would one be not to? I'm even suspecting I chose bad answers somewhere. In his place I would be in tight contact with her, if not personally then over the phone.

Oh, and by mid-August Kaho is seriously starting to fall for the dork. Her dad's sheltering policies have backfired: if she went out more it wouldn't have happened. Sad, really.

P.S. Here's an example of actual dialog:

AI: But if I start dieting, my breasts are going to shrink first.
KOTARO: Well, you don't have any to begin with...
AI: I do! How rude, I have some, look!!

I fully expected a choice to follow: a) watch and comment, b) stop her, c) put it in. But it wasn't there.

Maybe Kotaro is so dumb because the scriptwriter was dumb.