Anime pulls a Lucas

October 31st, 2007 by Author

Zyl catalogs updates that an episode of Nanoha StrikerS received between TV and DVD. Keeping an anime in a digital master (and not on a Betamax tape) invites such post-factum editing. Naruto was famously edited to remove excessive blood for the U.S. broadcast, which created quite a steer among fans. But more to the point, some corrective edits were applied (see ep.19 side-by-side at Anime-editz). I wonder if eventually we’ll be getting our anime as software and pay monthly subscription rates for “updates” which make up for common DVD player crashing, sound being corrupt, etc. Gamers have to deal with games unplayable without a patch today, so why not anime fans. This post should’ve been titled “Anime pulls Sony 1.92”.