Google on Sankaku Complex

Google selected the Sankaku Complex story to lead the report on the election results in Japan (see screenshot) -- in fact, to lead any blog reports period.

What a world.

UPDATE: The screencap is that of default Google Blog Search homepage, before a search is entered (I freely admit that I was going to search for But J.P. asked promptly if one needs to "look for news articles on idol onanism galleries or something" for this to occur (he's not a guy who likes to be oblique on the Internet). A thought that Google used my browsing and searching history to pre-select blogs occured to me too[1], so I requested a couple of people to verify it, and it checked out. I suppose gentle readers may ask their parents to be sure. I do not make any claims about international results though. It would be unthinkable for Google Blog Search not to localize its homepage.

[1] I do not visit Sankaku Complex often or regularly, in fact I almost never visit it. But I still thought it possible for Google to make a general profile-matching and pigeonhole my identity as a weaboo, and then preload Sankaku because of that. It does not appear to be the case though.