Netflix strikes again

While I had the v.1 of Starship Operators at home, the v.3 went from available to not available at Netflix. After a few seconds of rage, I went to Boxtorrents (Bakabt now). The bad part is, I cannot send a signal with my money. Netflix receives a fixed monthly payment from me no matter if they stock up on on the inventory or not. Clever, Netflix. Very clever.

Coincidentially, the first instance of v.1 that Netflix sent me was cracked and unwatcheable, so I ordered a replacement. I was so sad at the attrition, but never imagined it would again strike so close, so soon. Netflix are total jerks for not using good envelopes for rarer DVDs.

BTW, I marked the v.1 with a little dot. The picture of the main girl was too pretty to sully, so I placed it carefuly on a design element. If someone rents v.1 and sees it, let me know. Take a picture.