I will miss Twitter

The exodus from Twitter, which was in the air for a while and precipitated by l'affair de #FreeStacy, reminded us that Twitter had its own quality of free-spinning, ephimeral memetry, which is not replicated by other SNS.

In memoriam:

(Poster title: Bernie or Hillary? Be informed. Compare them on the issues that matter.)

TITLE: Cinderella Girls

BERNIE: The songs are superb, the girls have great designs and personalities, and they really show how ordinary girls can become stars and achieve their dreams. #DOYA

HILLARY: There's too many girls Jesus I can't keep track Did you know that LoveLive only has 9 idols?

There is so much right about it. Firstly, of course, Cinderella Girls is an issue that matters. But also, the portrayals of the candidates are so in line with their official faces presented by the media. Hillary is crude and boorish, ignorant or talking upon bullet points in a memo. Her life of career government criminal is on display and she's like a character in Akira who said that his job was not to think, but to act or not to act. Bernie is presented as someone who thinks before he speaks, but also disconnected from the reality and living in his dream world - either of idols or socialism. Not saying that either of these portrayals is necessarily truthful or comlete, but this meme is hilarious. And of course, both of them will be forgotten in less than a year, which is why this is on Twitter and not on an anime blog.