1. I blame DiGiKerot

    Why Box 4, you ask? Simple: it's the only IM@S box that is not sold out yet.

    UPDATE: Juri Takita on stage, poorly captured by my DVD player:

    I recognize her instantly because of her very special brand of endearing ugly. Plus, the whole story of Kotori.

    UPDATE: I …

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  2. Late and Seedless

    Some of the videos that I watched at LCAD were availabe as an add-on DVD for a sound release. Unfortunately, I am late to the party, and neither CDjapan not Amazon carry it anymore (Amazon offers it second-hand, but no sellers are willing to ship abroad).

    Naturally, the torrent dried …

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  3. Merry Idol Christmas DS

    My wife presented me with IM@S DS for Christmas.

    The gaming Borg has never come so close.

    UPDATE: Saved by my lack of Japanese, apparently. This game is exhausting.

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  4. Petit Idolmaster Master Book

    A souvenir came from Japan yesterday: an odd kind of a promo book for all things IM@S, althogh most of the manga content is dedicated to "Puchi Maa": a manga about Potemayo-type blob versions of idols coexisting with normal idols. The book includes sample strips and kickass manga-style re-imaginings …

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  5. Lyrics

    IIRC SDB wondered once in comments what Japanese do to make lyrics to fit the rhythm (can't find the post now, sorry). The answer is, same as Americans do: they cheat. Especially for plain (informal) language, speakers can drop particles a lot... or keep them, if it helps singing. Here's …

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