1. Wakako-zake manga

    I was puzzled by a scene in Wakako-zake a while back, enough to ask my Japanese coworkers what it could mean. What was different about the stately old gentleman eating yakitori? Fortunately, manga provides answers. Fist, Wakako takes upon the yakitori after excercise and gobbles them. The gentleman savours them …

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  2. The JitsuWata manga

    After watching an episode of Jitsu wa Watashi wa, I rushed to Batoto and loaded up on spoilers. Hoo, boy. The important fact we ought to know is that the manga is resolved, so the anime ought to be safe.

    The character designs differ from the anime and the lead …

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  3. Hadigirl minus

    I ran through all 10 available episodes, and a thought occured to me: why bother with all the somewhat slightly animated manga thing? Just scan manga, and have the cast read it aloud, voila.

    Alas, it's not so simple. Manga has speech balloons, which this quasi-animated manga thing does not …

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  4. Watamote ch.58

    I don't want to announce a turnaround, since there were such false flashes before, but Watamote manga suddently took a turn to good in ch.58. It didn't follow up in ch.59, but there's a hope. It really depends on what signals the Japanese readers send.

    Somewhat unsirprisingly, the …

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  5. The authenticity of non-Japanese manga, by Sixten

    [Reader's mail delivered an op-ed by none other than Sixten himself — Author]

    This is a response to your post where you quote someone who doesn't think the term "manga" should be used to refer to comics that don't come from Japan.

    Who made that decision anyway?

    Not the Japanese, I …

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  6. Welcome to the world of manga

    Manga did not interest me much previously and I generally considered it from anime perspective. That is why I have 3 sets of Azumanga: ADV English edition, original, and another original that I bought by mistake, thinking that it was the 10th Anniversary Edition (it's the one where Tomo asks …

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  7. GA manga v4

    I picked the 4th volume of GA manga yesterday. It is as pleasant as always. But here's one funny thing with the translation:

    Why is Sasamoto-sensei "he"? This is not a typo, there's a referral like that on the next page too. Either the translator is very confused, or Sasamoto …

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  8. Brickmuppet and the Preference Cascade

    In vulgar use, Preference Cascade refers to a situation when nigh everyone in a population does something subversive in secret, until a certain event triggers a massive coming out. The key mechanism is individuals not realizing how many likeminded people are around.

    In this vein, when Brickmuppet posted about "Moster …

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