GA manga v4

February 23rd, 2013 by Author

I picked the 4th volume of GA manga yesterday. It is as pleasant as always. But here’s one funny thing with the translation:

Why is Sasamoto-sensei “he”? This is not a typo, there’s a referral like that on the next page too. Either the translator is very confused, or Sasamoto is a giant trap canonically. Translation is credited to “Kaori Inoue”.

UPDATE: Steven observes another example, but it’s a little different. First, it’s a fansub, and second, it’s not pervasive. This one is not a typo, because it’s pervasive through the volume. I checked with v.2, where “she” was used, and the credited translator is different: “Tomo Kimura”. I suspect at this point that “Kaori Inoue” was confused and nobody at Yen Press does QA of manga.