Welcome to the world of manga

Manga did not interest me much previously and I generally considered it from anime perspective. That is why I have 3 sets of Azumanga: ADV English edition, original, and another original that I bought by mistake, thinking that it was the 10th Anniversary Edition (it's the one where Tomo asks, "Kaorin, are you gay?" and hears an indignant "The correct word is `lesbian'! But no, actually I'm not." — oh Asuma-sensei, why are you such a troll).

However, a couple of things happened coincidentially that changed my outlook. First, I read WataMote manga, just to see if I should drop the anime. Second, I discovered tablets. For some reason, reading on laptop never worked for me, and paper manga costs just enough to chill the enthusiasm.

After enjoying WataMote, I had to find something else to read, and Evirus suggested Nobunaga no Chef. That was a very good call. Excellent art (unlike, say, chicken sketches of Mahoraba), interesting story (with the right amount of exposition), etc. Unfinished, of course, but generally it's par for the course for manga. The only problem: it was too good. It felt like recommending a neophite to watch Haibane Renmei as an introduction into anime. No matter what he watches thereafter, it's not going to measure up.

I kicked that can down the road by loading on Idolmaster manga. The world is all one turned out to be quite decent. But yeah... I only took a small peek and not sure where to go from here. Mozuya-san, probably.

UPDATE: Omo comments pointedly:

You really can’t talk about TV anime in the 21st century without talking about manga, after all. The problem for me is that there are too much stuff I enjoy about anime that’s absent in manga. My main gateway into anime has been seiyuu idols, OP/ED themes and soundtrack music. [...] And of course, I adore animation in itself. These are not exactly why people read manga for.

Indeed. Also, techicalities:

That said, I highly prefer reading on a portrait-mode monitor. At home, I read it using a Dell U2412m [...]. I just can't stand reading manga on a tablet. The resolution is crap, either because of the display or the source files (all non-high-quality scans should DIAF). Maybe it’s okay on a Nexus 10 or the latest iPad for some, but it’s no substitute for the paper version in my opinion.

Now this is just weird, since tablet displays are far superior to anything found on desktops or laptops. Omo's Dell U2412M offers a resolution of 1920x1200 with 0.27 mm pitch, whereas a 4G iPad has a 2048x1536 display of 0.096 mm pitch. Not just the pixels are 2.8 times better packed, but even their absolute number is greater. It's the quality that you got by printing on the older 300 ppi HP LaserJet, which is why it's called "near-letter" quality. But to each his own. I just zoom into manga all the time. Works great for my old eyes actually.