Tomo-chan and mis-translation

We do not consider it justified to complain about translation here often, especially when the original is easily available, but just for today, take a look at this:

Humitan's Jun says, "俺達。。。このままずっと。。。こんな風に。。。", or approximately, "If we stayed this way forever". The LLS' Jun says, "You know... It'd be really nice... If we could...". If we could what?

The problem is, Jun is addressing the central conflict of the manga. You'd think a remark of such importance would've been given a due care.

For an additional historical context, Tomo-chan was scanlated by Masterscans, who were more quality oriented, but did not bother to update too often. So, Love Live Scanlations set up a competing scanlation that updates within hours of new strip being posted. Obviously, something had to give.