The Black Healer as the pinnacle of Chick Isekai

In our days, when Rimuru the Slime anime succeeds Death March and Dorei Majutsu on air, the traditional isekai is well established. Everyone loves frolicking in a slave harem. However, it's not the only defined form of isekai. Its antagonist is, for the lack of a better term, the chick isekai. Its properties are basically a girl who BAMFs, like in the days of 12K, but instead of conquering everything, she sells potions, or works as a healer, in a world full of bishies. Some instances of it are downright weak and/or formulaic, but not always. I think the Black Healer is my favourite at present. I expect the adaptations of chick isekai to pour in as soon as the standard isekai jumps the shark.

Honestly, I'm a little concerned. I heard that even Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken was not well received, and there's basically no better source material. Never underestimate the ability of anime creators to screw it all up. But we'll see.