Fresh Precure candy

So, I was shopping for foods in a local store when I spied this:

Leaving aside the bizarre circumstances that brought Fresh Precure candy to America, where Fresh Precure is not broadcast, consider this: each Cure has her own flavour, which you can sample by sucking on a designated candy. As Evirus teaches us, each type is appropriately named "peach", "blueberry", and "pine" (can't wait to give her a try).

Characters on the bag look much better than in screencaps. Stupid Toei.

UPDATE: The bag also includes candy for "Chiffon" and "Tarte", the magical animal sidekicks. Labelling on the back of the bag makes it clear that it was intented to have only two. I don't know exactly how the 3rd cure transforms... But all 3 carry the usual holster.

Pine tastes like... something long forgotten. But definitely nothing like pinon. Maybe she was supposed to be a pineapple?

For those who are interested in this sort of thing, the keyboard is IBM Ultranav.