Funimation and garbage licenses

Published: Wed 04 November 2009
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In meta.

When a couple of days ago Funimation brass bragged about having the first look at all licenses (and Robert of RACS happily regurgitated it), I was a bit sloppy for not providing examples, but check out this review by Scott VonSchilling, who is a major fan of Funi.

If you think Scott only did the review to boost "independency" credentials, SDB gave Boobanaut its just deserts too.

Like Omo says, you cannot argue with results - Funi is a financial success. But it does not help me at all: nothing they do is good for me.

UPDATE: J.P. twits: "99% sure that dragonaut was part of some massive package deal with gonzo rather than some kind of selective pickup". Let's suppose so, but (a) does it make the result any better? and (b) if they have to get package deals their clout does not seem as great as they say, does it now?

Steven says that it was an all-GONZO deal, including Strike Witches, and SW excuses everything, right? Very well, I'll find a better example of Funimation licensing random trash, something non-GONZO. You just wait...

By the way, someone please explain to me why Dragonaut is issued ahead of Strike Witches (or why is it issued at all if Funi is so smart with the money).