Ubu versus Crunchyroll

Almost exactly 10 years ago, we were discussing how, for all their bluster about the right of fist look, Funimation tended to license garbage. But that was in 2009. Today, the 2019 is over and Ubu finds out that things have changed:

So, I’ve been really kind of blah about anime lately. I finally figured out why… After I gave up bittorrenting, I’ve only been watching via Crunchyroll. I’m sorry to say, CR sucks.

Bluntly, there’s too many options, what with Netflix, Hulu, and most of all, Funimation in the mix now. CR is being left with the dregs; not totally bottom-feeding, but damn close to it. [...]

So I decided to look at a Funi sub again, and I just finished watching the first episode of Astra: Lost in Space. Oh hell yes. [...]

Whoo, boy. Well, I can see where Ubu comes from. Machikado Mazoku is not on Crunchy either.