1. Bocchi begins

    Japanese sure love their emotional anxiety stories. Some are immensely popular, yet fail to interest... I'm looking at you, Komi-san. Fortunately, Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu takes a sunshine approach. Imagine, if you will, a Watamote, where the main character is not a disgusting turd of a person, but rather …

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  2. Faust is back

    He's back with a review of Yuru Camp, and on a new domain. Le sigh. These day, I cannot muster a good outrage about that. Not after Omo lost his DB, and Nobar switched domains (and lost the DB).

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  3. Real quick

    Been busy recently. Well, that, and scanlations.

    Yama no Susume S3: not as amazing as S2. In S2, they had a lot of growth and stepped beyond the boundaries of CGDCT. I don't remember the last time when an anime protagonist fail as hard as Aoi did, and then live …

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  4. CKS on Slime

    Not much to add to this:

    Above all, Slime is a cheerful, good-hearted show that is out to make us smile. If you want conflict and challenged characters and so on, this is not for you; it's all about Rimuru solving a succession of problems and running over a succession …

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  5. Top 5 of mecha anime

    Scott (apparently no relation to Scott Von Schilling) of Mechanical posted a little mecha top-5: FMP, Geass, Gurren-Lagann, Escaflowne, Gundam 00/Gundam: IBO. Each generation has its own heroes, I suppose. Still, I think we can do better without going full Let's Anime.

    Gurren-Lagann: This is one entry that Scott …

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  6. Scanlations are out of control

    Yet another night when I'm reading manga instead of watching anime. I really don't have an excuse: the easy availability of scanlations is what enables this. I follow 281 titles (of 355) on the site I'm using currently.

    UPDATE by Omo:

    I barely read any manga these days – I’m …

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  7. Haters: 2 - Author: 0

    Since my tastes run contrary to the mainstream often, I tend to fall into the hipster trap, where if eveone say that something is bad, I expect it to be good. But obviously it's a logical fallacy, and I'm getting it with two big titles: Slime (Reincardated As) and Demon …

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  8. John on American Otaku

    Published: Thu 10 January 2019
    By Author

    In meta.


    The default Japanese image of an otaku is the opposite of outgoing, active, and youthful. Yet particularly in America, especially in the two-thousand-teens, anime has taken on the image that watching anime makes one cool. The entire point of the “Stay Crunchy” ad is to illustrate the idea that …

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  9. Conception

    Why am I watching this trash? It's even made by GONZO, and didn't I have a strict no-GONZO policy? The basic answer is, I tend to want to switch off recently.

    The concept of the show is this: the protagonist is transferred to another world, where he has to seduce …

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