Bocchi begins

Japanese sure love their emotional anxiety stories. Some are immensely popular, yet fail to interest... I'm looking at you, Komi-san. Fortunately, Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu takes a sunshine approach. Imagine, if you will, a Watamote, where the main character is not a disgusting turd of a person, but rather the opposite, only shy.

Another thing they do often is a naming convention with a joke or a theme. Remember the Princess Latifa, Kayne West, et al in Amagi Brilliant Park? Bocchi turns it up to 11, baking everyone's characteristics right in. The code is very straightforward and is within the powers of low-level weebs, so it's quite fun to consider. Not all of them are as obvious as Hitori-Bocchi though. For example, Kai's last name Yawara, which makes her "yawarakai" — soft, tender, possibly gentle-mannered and open-minded about people. However, is her approach to Bocchi not that of tough love? Hmm!

Production values are outstanding, to a surprising degree.