Why am I watching this trash? It's even made by GONZO, and didn't I have a strict no-GONZO policy? The basic answer is, I tend to want to switch off recently.

The concept of the show is this: the protagonist is transferred to another world, where he has to seduce 12 maidens and sire 12 children. Said children then fight some monsters or other, in order to save the world. Children are clearly not human, but they are mostly antropomorphic little freaks. They pop up without any pregnacy or childbirth, as soon as very sex-like "Love Ritual" is concluded. Their mothers do not have any kind of special attachment to them, off-loading them into a boarding facility (see the screencap). GONZO's depravity is such, that these little freaks have rather normal personalities of human children, but in an attempt to smooth it over they don't suffer from combat injuries, either to bodies or to minds.

To add the insult to the injury, maidens are a low-rent bunch, with crudely developed personalities. The hero is the most relatable of them all, in that he generally goes with the flow, while trying to keep a facade of respectability.

I realize that I am not in position to complain about GONZO brushing aside all the oppression of the world's end, the nature of love, the morality of children soldiers, and the humanity of the characters in general for the sake of pumping out game-style courtship episodes, because I was somewhat unhappy with SukaSuka being too real. I'm sorry, allright?