Daisuki is dead

Published: Sun 29 October 2017
By Author

In bost.

So much for the power of the incumbent that was supposed to crush independent streaming licensees like Crunchyroll. I think the last thing I watched there was One Punch Man. They managed to annoy me quite a bit by posting attractive, but premium-only shows in the last few months. But we know now that it was an act of desperation.

When BOST went belly up, it was more or less expected. Getting content was difficult for them, the studios looked at them with suspicion. But DAISUKI was supposed to be different. The studios themselves banged together to create it. But something went wrong anyway.

Interestingly, in the same final months, I sometimes saw their banner in Crunchy's streams. I cannot quite understand what was the point to have the rights, but then give them up to Crunchy instead of showing the series themselves.

Now if only Anime Strike died too. I hate their technology and their exclusives.

UPDATE: Omo thinks that Crunchy is incumbent, because it was there before DAISUKI. And then everyone is trembling in fear of real money coming in from Netflix and Amazon. Anime is cheap, he says.